Everyone knows the basics you need for streaming (computer, internet connection, something to stream), but accessorizing is a bit trickier.

An accessory may seem like an unnecessary object, but it is, by definition, something that improves the usefulness, versatility, and attractiveness of whatever you add it to.

For streaming, this covers everything from upgrading your sound and video quality to finding cool pieces of décor that match your mood.

The streamer accessories on this list cover priority upgrades, tools to streamline your process, and nifty additions to any streaming space. Take what resonates, leave the rest, and get ready to add to your optimized setup.

Essential Streamer Accessories

While some may argue that you can get by with what you already have, relying on your built-in camera or microphone will only take you so far. Don’t let it stop you if that’s all you have, but prepare to invest in new ones early on.

Cameras, microphones, and headphones should be a priority when upgrading your streaming setup. They drastically improve audio and visual quality, setting a much nicer stage for your audience.

If you’ve already got the basics covered, scroll past this section to get to the unique goodies for ultimate personalization.


When you’re just starting out, your built-in webcam or even cell phone will get the job done, but there’s a definite cap on the video quality you will get. For a professional image, you should upgrade to a mid-tier webcam or a high-quality camera when you get the chance.

The first leap that most streamers take is to the Logitech C920x HD Pro. Its USB connectivity is easy to work with, and FHD 1080p is exactly what you want.

The C920x also comes with a 3 month XSplit Vcam License to get a nice bokeh effect, and it outperforms other webcams in low-light conditions.

If you can swing it, most professional and aspiring professional streamers use a mirrorless camera like the Sony Alpha a6000. This takes your stream quality to the highest level, and you can use it to take still images for promotion.

Mirrorless cameras will always outperform webcams. They handle indoor lighting with ease, autofocus with speed and silence, and carry a stronger image sensor so no small detail is overlooked.


Next, make sure you have a reliable streaming microphone that captures your voice with clarity and no interference. Many integrated mics do fine for video calls or meetings, but they aren’t up to par with what you expect from a livestream.

most important streaming accessoriesThe Blue Yeti USB mic is a great initial upgrade. It might be a USB mic, but it has a fantastic reputation for capturing clear vocals and filtering out background noise.

Streamers benefit from easy to access onboard controls, a pivotable design, and a simple setup process.

Professionals like Shroud use the Shure SM7B in their setup, and the microphone is powerful enough for studio-grade recordings. While you will need an audio mixer to integrate this cardioid mic, you can’t beat how well it captures the tone and nuance in your voice (and rejects all background noise).


Headphones aren’t necessarily as important for your stream quality, but there are a few reasons you want to prioritize investing in a pair. While even a simple pair keeps your stream or game audio from contaminating your mic sound, that’s not the only thing to consider.

Quality streaming headphones like the Logitech G PRO X allow you to communicate in game without tying up your streaming mic. They work well for blocking out background noise, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Streamer AccessoriesWhile the directional sound on a gaming headset usually works great, there’s a significant difference when you use professional-grade headphones like these beyerdynamic DT 990 PROs.

They’re more comfortable to wear for extended periods, and they usually have a timeless design (no need to upgrade just to stay on-trend).

Streamers like Ninja prefer the headset for more accurate sound and imaging.

Top 16 Streamer Accessories

Once you have the basics covered, feel free to move onto more fun and customizable accessories.

While these aren’t directly tied to your stream quality, these improve your brand and help you own your space. Some of these accessories look cool in your room, while others simplify your streaming experience.

1. Personalized Twitch Name Tag

A Personalized Twitch Name Tag is a great way to fill up any blank wall space behind you, but it’s also a great tool for content creation.

Think of it as a built-in watermark. When you (or others) share clips or stills from your stream, your name tag will point viewers in the direction of the source.

This means no one can steal your content without it leading back to you, and you can bask in the professional image you’re constructing.

2. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are a great soundproofing tool. This works both ways, blocking loud housemates from interrupting your stream while also isolating your lively banter.

If you have an issue with echo or reverberation in your room, acoustic panels are a must-have.

Brands like Elgato have done a great job of creative attractive, modern panel options that go above and beyond taping egg-carton foam to your wall.

The Wave Panels are easy to set up, get the job done, and look fantastic.

If you need to cover a larger area or are soundproofing on a budget, there are cheaper alternatives. They may not have the same aesthetic appeal, but they get the job done.

3. Second Monitor

Streaming with a second monitor makes life easier and provides an extra level of security while you put yourself out there.

We want to put our best, authentic self out there, but that doesn’t mean viewers should have a front-row seat to our search history or our sensitive information when filling out forms.

Beyond this, a second monitor for streaming also keeps your chat in sight but off stream.

The benefits extend to post production, allowing you to keep multiple windows open while you go through different clips. It’s easier to run multiple programs and visualize your controls, streamlining the process.

4. Dual Monitor Stand

Once you have your second monitor (or, ideally, once you have it on order), you should figure out how you want to set it up on your desk.

Dual monitor stands work great for keeping everything around your eyeline and organized. Look for stands that fit your screen size and feature adjustable height and swivel options.

Many streamers opt for this vertical stack because it saves space and looks fantastic.

5. Stream Deck

Remapping shortcuts to unused keys is fine, but an Elgato Stream Deck or Loupedeck has so much more to offer.

These macro pads can handle almost anything you throw at them, and each one has its own list of integrated plugins and features.

Drag and dropping functions barely scrape the surface, and you can use your stream deck as an audio mixer, stream monitor, and so much more.

These tools also look fantastic on your desk, especially when you start customizing your icons.

6. Pop Filter

A simple pop filter does wonders to reduce obnoxious noises in your stream, particularly popping sounds you make with certain consonants (i.e. b, d, g, k, p, s, t).

These aren’t a big deal in daily conversations, but they seem to happen more often when streaming and can actually lead to viewers leaving your stream. This has a lot to do with the close-quarters mic setup, but adding a pop filter is a quick, cheap, and easy fix.

7. Better Lighting

Lighting is another key element of video quality, and it’s not something you can overlook.

While bright, natural lighting is optimal for quality images, it’s not ideal for your streaming setup. Instead, you need something like a ring light or key light to provide the brightness needed.

The Elgato Key Light is a favorite for many because of its adjustable brightness and temperature, bright lighting capabilities, and diffused look.

The right lighting for streaming helps separate you from the background and makes your camera’s job much easier.

8. Green Screen

A green screen is great for creating virtual backgrounds, adding special effects, and simply blocking out the room behind you. This keeps you the focus of your stream, and it can liven up your video.

While green screens are easy to make, many of the cheaper kits on the market come with subpar stands and screen materials.

While the Elgato Green Screen costs more, it saves you the headache and embarrassment of a screen falling down behind you.

9. Varipole Support System

As you add more to your setup (especially lights), you will realize how many stands it takes (and how much that costs) just to get things the way you want them.

To avoid the mess of stands and cords all over the floor, we recommend a varipole support system for your setup.

This Impact Varipole System is an easy to install rod that can host lights, microphones, cameras, and more, simplifying your hardware and making the best use of the space you have.

The rods mount both vertically and horizontally wherever you need. The tension mechanism pairs with rubber cushions that keep your walls and ceiling safe and your floor clear.

10. Ambient Lighting

Once you have your standard lighting figured out you can venture into ambient lighting. This is much more fun to figure out, and it can become a key part of your streaming brand.

Ambient lighting breaks up a boring background and sets the mood for your stream. LED strip lights are a quick and cheap addition that adds color. They’re easy to set up, and you can usually control them with an included remote or even mobile app.

If you’re looking for greater customization and aesthetic pleasure, consider these Nanoleaf panels. Each individual panel may host a different color, and you can choose from a wheel instead of a set number of buttons.

The Nanoleaf panels have plenty of options to choose from, and you can sync them to your music or gameplay for a more immersive experience.

11. Capture Card

Anyone streaming from an external camera, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch using a PC needs a capture card. The capture card converts the raw video stream into something the PC can understand, allowing it to save or upload the file (or both).

Right now, the Elgato HD60 S+ is one of the best external options out there. Elgato capture cards carry a reputation for reliability and seamless pass-through quality.

Everything shows up when you need it, as you want it, and you can set it up to record gameplay for content creation later on.

12. Headphone Stand

Whether you’re streaming as a hobby or a profession, you want to keep your game space uncluttered and looking great.

A headphone stand is a great home for your headset, especially if you find one that can multitask.

This RGB headphone stand from SIMOEFFI offers multiple lighting effects that complement your ambience, 2 USB ports, and an integrated aux port. It looks great on any desk, and keeps everything in one place.

13. GoXLR Mixer

An audio mixer is another great tool for improving sound quality. While it’s not something you need for streaming right off the bat, it’s one of the first upgrades you should consider.

Something like the GoXLR helps out by allowing you to control different inputs, providing power to your XLR headset, and keeping all your controls nearby.

You can trigger certain sound effects with a single button press and even use the GoXLR app for greater audio control.

14. Headphone Hook

If you don’t have the desk space for a headphone stand or it doesn’t match your vibe, a simple headphone hook can get the job done.

These take up no space at all, fit most streamer desks, and even have a cable loop to keep your cable safe and off the ground.

You can use the headphone hook to hang bags or anything else you want to keep off the ground, making it a versatile and minimalistic tool.

15. Foot Pedal

A foot pedal is not as popular as a stream deck, but when you think about it–it just makes sense.

The Elgato Stream Deck Pedal does a great job of highlighting how useful this tool is.

It’s obviously great for triggering effects or transitions while your hands are busy, but you can also assign it to game controls or use it to control editing software.

The Stream Deck Pedal has a Discord Integration that ties with certain inputs (like push-to-talk and toggling mute), and its anti-slip design keeps everything in place and on track.

Some forego the Stream Deck completely because the Foot Pedal works better for their habits, and easily tucks infront of your streaming chair.

16. Live Neon Sign

A live neon sign is another cool addition to your streaming setup. Easily use screws or the included adhesive strips to mount the sign and add a pop of color to your background.

You can also use a live sign to let your housemates know you have the camera going.

It’s not a fail-proof plan, but it’s worth a shot if they’re constantly barging in or hosting impromptu wrestling matches outside your door.

The key thing to remember when accessorizing your streaming setup is to find what makes sense for you. Following trends is fine, but make sure it’s something you want to invest in and be around every day.

Once you have your basics covered, everything else falls into place.



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