One of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve your stream quality is by investing in a ring light. But which are the best ring lights for streaming? Let’s dive in…

Face it–your computer screen and desk lamp aren’t putting your best foot forward. Cameras need more light than eyes do to make any sense of what they see, and without proper lighting, you end up a fuzzy blur on the screen.

Ring lights cost very little, and they’re ready to go out of the box. Recent surges in aspiring TikTok influencers have made ring lights more accessible, but you should take the time to find the right ring light for streaming purposes.

Before we get into the best options we’ve found for most situations, check out these two highlights.

Best Bang For Your Buck

UBeesize 12’’ Ring Light


There are plenty of low-budget ring lights out there, but most of them are a waste of time.

If you’re looking for something that’s easy on your wallet and worth the investment, the 12 inch kit from UBeesize is perfect.

This kit comes without bells and whistles, but delivers a great design and quality lighting.

Streamers’ Choice

Elgato Ring Light


If you’re willing to invest a bit more in your ring light (and you like the bells and whistles), the Elgato Ring Light should catch your eye.

This ring light kit covers the bases before branching off into luxury control options such as wireless connectivity. The Elgato Ring light is built for those who want to make their life easier and assume complete control of their streaming environment.

Top 7 Ring Lights for Streamers

Before you get attached to the UBeesize or Elgato kit, make sure you explore all of your options in depth.

Here are the 7 best ring lights we’ve found to illuminate your streaming environment.

1.  Neewer Ring Light 18” Kit

The Neewer Ring Light kit is something you’re probably familiar with, especially if you’ve done a deep dive on what your favorite streamers’ setups look like. This isn’t the most advanced ring light on the market, but it works as a phenomenal starting point for most.

The Neewer Ring Light features adjustable brightness and comes with a white and orange filter set to achieve your desired look. It also comes with a camera mount for your streaming DSLR and a phone holder so you can shoot however works best for you.

Outer Diameter18 inches
Color Render Index (CRI)> 83%
Color Temperature (K) Range3,200 to 5,500 K
Power SourceWall power
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  • 176 LEDs shine bright with wall power
  • Mounts work well for most phones and cameras
  • Comes with a carry case for safe and easy travel


  • Although intuitive, lacks instructions
  • Low CRI may not provide proper quality for pickier individuals
  • Wall power is not as versatile


2.    Lume Cube Ring Light Kit

This cordless ring light kit from Lume Cube is one of the best options out there for small spaces or traveling streamers. The portability of the kit is something that most other ring lights fail to capture.

While it costs as much as other mid-range brands, the Lume Cube Ring Light Kit offers premium features like a built in diffuser and backlit settings. Its battery powered capabilities contribute a lot to that price point, but it’s what makes the kit so portable and versatile.

Outer Diameter18 inches
Color Render Index (CRI)> 97%
Color Temperature (K) Range3,200 to 5,600 K
Power SourceWall power; 2 NP-F750 Li-Ion batteries (included)
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  • Adjustable circle light angle rotates 360° and tilts 180°; also removes from stand
  • Operates wirelessly
  • Warm and cool temperature settings
  • High CRI


  • Lights only last up to 1.5 hours on full charge
  • While lightweight and portable, tripod struggles in certain settings


3. Elgato Ring Light

Elgato knows how to cater to streamers, and the Elgato Ring Light only proves this point. This kit has everything that you need effectively and comfortably boost stream quality without taking on another headache.

You’re not just paying for the name–you’re paying for a Red Dot Award winning design. This ring light uses premium OSRAM LEDs to achieve a softer, more even glow than competitors. The edge lighting is unlikely to leave you like a deer in the headlights, and the diffusion layers work overtime to keep everything elegant.

The highlight of this ring light is its hands-free operation. You can make adjustments with the hard-wired controls, but the Elgato mobile and computer apps keep everything close at hand.

Outer Diameter17 inches
Color Render Index (CRI)> 94%
Color Temperature (K) Range2,900 to 7,000 K
Power SourceUSB
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  • Red Dot jury claims it “combines high functionality and versatility with a clean look”
  • Tripod and mount feel and work better than baseline competitors
  • Control from computer or phone


  • Power brick makes it top-heavy
  • More setup required for wireless connectivity and controls


4. Ring Light with Desk Mount Stand

This ring light with desk mount stand from the Evershop store is great for small spaces and tight budgets. It renders color well for a ring light at this price point, connects  directly to your computer or USB adapter, and sits a comfortable 13.5 to 22.7 inches on your desk.

This isn’t the best option for everyone, but the included clamp and rotatable lens help you maximize the desk space you have available. This kit provides the quality edge you need to get started.

Outer Diameter12 inches
Color Render Index (CRI)> 95%
Color Temperature (K) Range3,000 K; 4,500 K; 6,000K
Power SourceUSB
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  • 10 brightness levels for 3 color settings
  • C-clamp fits table thickness up to 2.5 inches
  • Remembers most recent light settings
  • Includes everything you need to get started


  • Knob at back of c-clamp interferes with mounting close to wall
  • Stand struggles at upper heights
  • Lacks gradient brightness or color temperature changes


5. Sensyne 10” Ring Light

This 10 inch Sensyne ring light is another great option for space saving and cost-effective changes. While the outer diameter of the light is on the smaller side, it brightens up a room without struggle.

The Sensyne 10 inch ring light comes with a phone holder and adjustable tripod stand. It sits comfortably at 15.7 inches on your desktop, but can also extend to 50 inches if you need to stream while standing.

Unlike other ring lights at this price point, the Sensyne ring light incorporates a balance level for easy adjustments and stability.

This light works best for those with smaller cameras like a mirrorless camera or those using their smartphones for streaming. Its smaller diameter may struggle with larger cameras, and you would need to purchase a suitable mount.

Outer Diameter10 inches
Color Render Index (CRI)Not specified
Color Temperature (K) Range3,000 K; 4,500 K; 6,000K
Power SourceUSB
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  • Space saving tripod
  • Balance level on tripod improves stability
  • Easy to set up and get to streaming


  • Diffuses poorly (i.e. circles in eyes are more obvious)
  • Phone may only sit vertically using the included spring loaded holder
  • No CRI listed


6. UBeesize 12” Ring Light with Tripod

The UBeesize 12 inch Ring Light sits at the intersection of quality, convenience, and value. While it’s neither the cheapest nor the most expensive ring light on this list, the UBeesize ring light offers the most bang for your buck.

Other ring lights in this price range struggle with effective tripod design, and they may work well but feel cheap in your hand. These are not things you worry about with the UBeesize ring light.

With 240 LEDs, there’s no doubting its brightening capabilities. This kit covers 5 color temperature settings and 10 brightness levels, and there are no complaints about performance.

The real star here is the included stand. It doubles as a selfie-stick (perfect for vlogging), and the included holder lets you record in different orientations. Because it can reach heights of 67 inches, you can achieve any shot you desire.

Outer Diameter12 inches
Color Render Index (CRI)Not specified
Color Temperature (K) Range3,000 K; 4,500 K; 6,000K
Power SourceUSB
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  • Perfect blend of quality and value
  • Reliable tripod
  • Easy touch operation for brightness and color temperature


  • No battery operation
  • No specified CRI
  • Irritating beeping feedback (for some)


7. Razer Ring Light

Razer doesn’t hesitate to hop on the trends, and the Razer Ring Light is the perfect example of this. While it has a lower color render index than you see with the competition, the 12 inch ring light makes up for it with a flattering adjustable brightness.

This kit includes both a ball head mount for streaming webcams and a phone holder, so you shouldn’t need to purchase additional components or get creative in your setup. The telescoping tripod legs are also a unique space saving solution that other stands don’t utilize.

We also like to see adjustable brightness from 10 to 100 percent. While other ring lights have a few rigid brightness settings for you to cycle through, the Razer Ring Light lets you zero in on what works best for your stream.

Outer Diameter12 inches
Color Render Index (CRI)> 80%
Color Temperature (K) Range3,000 K; 4,500 K; 6,000K
Power SourceUSB
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  • Greater brightness control
  • Flexible mounting
  • Tripod balances well at lower heights


  • Tripod loses functionality at greater heights
  • Phone mount useless with certain phone models


How to Choose the Right Ring Light for Streaming

While there are plenty of ring lights on the market, you shouldn’t choose the first one that catches your eye. Their surge in popularity inspired several sub-par ring lights to hit the market, and it’s become too easy to buy something you’ll grow to hate.

When shopping for a ring light for Twitch streaming, pay attention to:

  • Brightness capabilities
  • Battery
  • Controls and connectivity
  • Ring light size and mounting options

There are secondary details to consider, but a solid evaluation of these areas helps you buy a ring light that is worth your time and money.

Brightness Capabilities

Most ring lights are plenty bright. The differences to look for with brightness capabilities include:

  • Whether the ring light is dimmable (and how)
  • Color temperature
  • Color rendering value

While most ring lights are dimmable, some only offer this feature in stages. You want something that offers you more control of the brightness, letting you scale down in percentages.

The second option is more versatile, but it usually costs more. For most, the first option works fine as long as you aren’t streaming in a great variety of light settings (i.e. near a window at multiple times of the day), or need a certain level of brightness for your streaming green screen.

Color temperature affects your stream quality, and it can make or break your brightness. You should avoid ring lights that only offer one color temperature, instead opting for ring lights with multiple or gradient color temperatures.

Poor color temperature washes you out or severely impacts color rendering in your stream.

Some ring lights disclose their color rendering index (CRI) so you can make an informed decision when shopping around. This isn’t quite standard, but this number can help you determine how true colors will show up with your ring light.

Ring lights may sacrifice some brightness for a higher CRI, and vice versa. LEDs optimized for color rendering tend to be less efficient, whereas brighter LEDs may not render color as well. You should aim for as high a CRI as possible without sacrificing proper lighting.


You don’t need to connect your ring light to your computer or other device, but there are still some connectivity issues to consider.

First, you need to make sure that your ring light can sit where you need it and receive power easily. Most ring lights receive power by plugging in directly to your wall or a USB port. Those with USB connections are not as powerful, but you can plug them into your computer or even your live-streaming laptop on the go.

Some ring lights offer the option to run off batteries for a short period (usually about an hour). These are more expensive, but they benefit streamers who work outside often.

Controls and Wireless Connectivity

Ring lights allow you to control their brightness, color temperature, and other settings via hard-wired controls. Depending on the brand, this may be on your ring light itself or on a remote somewhere along the power cord.

Some higher end brands or ring lights optimized for streaming provide wireless control of the ring light settings. This is not standard, and you’re likely to pay ‌more for the feature, but controlling your lighting settings through your phone or computer is much easier mid-stream.

If you can fit it into your budget, this feature keeps your stream seamless and immersive, and your audience is none-the-wiser.

Size and Mounting

Larger ring lights are softer and provide a more pleasant and natural lighting effect, but they take up valuable space. For quality purposes, we don’t recommend a ring light any smaller than 10 inches.

Ring lights around 10 to 12 inches provide great quality without breaking the bank. Most smaller options are far inferior but cost about the same. A small ring light is better than nothing, but it provides harsher, dimmer light.

If size is of concern, pay attention to the mounting options offered by your ring light. Choosing a c-clamp stand over a tripod maximizes your desk space. You can also mount your phone or camera directly to most ring lights for greater efficiency.


Are Ring Lights Good for Streaming?

Ring lights are an economical option to improve your streaming set up. They cast an even light that reduces shadows and blemishes while illuminating your subject for high-quality imagery.

What Size Ring Light Should I Use for Streaming?

Ring lights with an outer diameter of 10 to 12 inches work best for streaming. They respect the available space you have in front of you while providing a soft, even finish. This size is also the most economical for streaming purposes.

What Kind of Ring Light do YouTubers Use?

The Neewer Camera Ring Light Kit used by Markiplier and PewDiePie is one of the most popular for YouTubers. This kit comes highly recommended from professionals and amateurs alike, and it obviously produces great results.

Which Ring Light is the Best for Live Streaming? Our Final Thoughts

As nice as it would be to grab the top rated ring light on Amazon, that doesn’t work for everyone. It’s important to verify the quality of the light prior to purchase, and, with trendy tools like ring lights, you can’t always trust the review section.

Find something that fits in your budget, brightens your space, and offers the additional features you desire from the most. If you’re still feeling a bit overwhelmed, you can’t go wrong with a proven product like the Neewer Ring Light Kit.


Neewer Ring Light Kit




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