Full transparency: Writing this article made me redecorate my streaming room. Since redecorating, I love how it looks and will continue my tower of Funko Pops until it reaches the ceiling.

Addiction to semi-collectible vinyl figures aside, having a room that you’re comfortable streaming in is important. If streaming is your job, then your room is your office. Your work environment, so to speak.

But how do you want to set up your streamer environment? What are some of the coolest ways to do it? While I can’t list every style that ever existed, let’s go over some of the most popular stream room designs to inspire your own decor.

Streamer Room Ideas

Below are 17 real stream room setups that you can draw ideas from to help design your own streamer room!

1. Personality on Display

Image: Reddit u/fracno

There’s an adage in writing: Show. Don’t Tell. That includes your personality as a streamer! One way to put your personality front row and center is to integrate your interests and hobbies into your setup.

Into model building? Include your latest and greatest creation on the wall. Big fan of your local sports team? Hang your pride high and tell rival fans to suck it. You’re on Twitch to show the world what you’re made of, so show it off!

2. Cozy

Image: Reddit u/sebs-not-a-replicant

There’s something special about a cozy stream. A calm atmosphere. Chat vibin’. Some soft lo-fi chillwave bumping in the background. A fantastic way to unwind and relax.

Why not add to the experience with some soft lighting, comfy blankets, knickknacks all over the place, and maybe a sandalwood vanilla candle in the background (but make sure to not burn the house down!).

3. Minimalist

Image: Reddit

If you want to declutter your space and have a clean, professional look, minimalism is the way to go. The hardest part about getting your streaming setup isn’t about what you need to get. It’s what to get rid of!

When your space is as clean as possible, you realize how much junk you’ve just had hiding in plain sight. Now, where did that pen go?!

4. Pink Paradise

Image: Reddit u/lolwowgaby

Sometimes you want to be subtle. Not make too many waves. Just be chill. And other times, you say, “F*** that.” This is an example of the latter.

Luckily, pink streamer accessories are abundant through blatant stereotyping to appeal to female gamers. So if you think your room would look pretty in pink, you’ll have plenty of possibilities.

5. Nano Cliche

Image: Reddit u/ohcrispy

Oh wowwww… soooooo original… Just kidding. Nanoleaf lights may be cliches, but they’re cliches because they look dope as hell.

Be prepared to spend a pretty penny on these bad boys, but if the price doesn’t matter and you want smart lights to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your room, go for it. (No, seriously. A single pack will run about $200.) Who cares if you’re following a trend when the trend looks stylish.

6. Pets on Display

Image: CatastrophiCreations

It’s common for a streamer’s pet to become more beloved in their community than themself. And how could your community not fall in love with them? Look at those whiskers!

A great way to involve them with your stream is to put their beds in the shot of your camera or even have a special camera dedicated to them! Having a “pet cam” is a great way to incentivize donating bits or using channel points by having it as a reward.

7. Sim Racer

Image: Reddit u/Stamoose

With a sim racer setup, it’s all about the cockpit. While most think of it as a multi-thousand dollar investment, you can get started with a wheel and pedals off Amazon. Even a starter set is only $350 from somewhere like Next Level Racing.

And it’s worth it! The panoramic view of the environment, the rumble of the track, the simulated g’s when you make the turn, it’s impossible to recreate. Unless you’re racing an F1 series car going 200 miles on the straightaway, that is…

8. Black and White

Image: Reddit u/buwa10

There’s just something about a black and white setup. The contrast. The clean look it provides. An added detail that shines in the example is how just a little bit of color makes all black and white motifs pop. Yeah! Color theory!

9. RGB

Image: Reddit u/Eruzuna

Now on the opposite side of the spectrum is an RGB stream. Like the Nanoleaf, all RGB all the time might seem overdone. But who cares!? The lights look fantastic, and you can customize the lights to fit your exact motive.

Want to go for the rainbow explosion? Go for it! Purple and Teal for that 80s synthwave vibe? You bet. Chartreuse and orange for no reason at all? …Sure!

10. Duo / Couples

Image: Facebook D4kznu Gaming

Sharing a hobby with your significant other is always great. So why not go the extra mile and create a couple’s streaming space? You’ll be able to game with your #1 partner and spend quality time while chat makes constant jealous comments.

Just be sure that your audio setup will be able to handle multiple voices in close proximity.

11. Sound Proofed Aesthetic

Image: Reddit u/Twinskunk

There’s something about a soundproofed room that looks so aesthetically pleasing. Maybe it’s the repeating pattern that our brains crave. It could be the professional feeling it gives off.

However you slice it, a soundproofed aesthetic is a winner that has the added bonus of improved vocals. #winning

12. Favorite Game Themed

Image: Reddit u/brunogarz

While you’re streaming, you’ll probably wind up playing the same game a lot of the time. Most likely, it’ll be because you love that game. So much so that you start buying the merch and the mini-figs, and before you know it; it’s part of your streaming room!

If you’re going to focus on one type of game for your channel, showing it off on your setup is a great way to let your viewers instantly know what you’re all about.

13. Command Center

Image: imgur u/piloth

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Today’s computers are thousands of times more potent than those that took us to the moon. Pssh. You’ve got a computer ready to send us to Pluto!

Hard-lined water cooling, custom paneling, seven monitors on Ultra Quality running at 4K, go ahead and flex. Some think they’ve got the technological muscle while you’re out there looking like the Mr. Olympia of computer specs.

14. Botanist Beauty

Image: Facebook u/Stacey’s Web

Ah, yes. Technology and nature, married in a blissful, aesthetically pleasing union. There are a ton of reasons to include plants in your home decor. Better air, stress reduction, having a little green friend you can call Jeff… But also just looks really cool.

It’s a funky mix of the oldest of old and the newest of new that is both cozy and cutting edge. Classical and contemporary. Just make sure not to get water on your computer!

15. Clean Essentials

Image: Reddit u/Sorta_mindless

So you don’t want to have your streaming room cluttered, but you still want to have some stuff. Going with a clean essentials look is that perfect compromise with minimalism and the want to have more in your area.

Really, this comes down to what you use all the time and cutting out the rest. Then you just need to spruce it up with a touch of your own style, and you’ll have a clean, confident, and convenient setup.

16. No Wall Left Untouched

Image: Reddit u/PSKTS_Heisingberg

I like to think of this as the “90s movie protagonist” look. There’s not a single square inch of your wall showing. You’ve got all your favorite bands, books, movies, and games plastered all over your wall. Your streaming desk has every square inch covered in figurines, equipment, and peripherals.

Some say cluttered, but you say cultured! A minimalist says it’s too much. You realize they’re just dull.

17. Bedroom

Image: Reddit u/xehpar

If you’re going to stream out of your bedroom, be sure that you follow these tips to keep it neat, tidy, and presentable. Please don’t be like xQc (except for the vast following and making tons of money, I guess).

  • Clean your desk off twice per week. You’ll often wind up tidying the area around it once you’re done.
  • Immediately throw out used food and drinks. Mold is bad, and bugs are bad too, m’kay?
  • Remember the 3Ds: Declutter, Dust, Disinfect. Get rid of the random paper, drink bottles, mail, and trash. Then dust the whole area off (monitors & keyboards especially), and wipe everything down to disinfect.
  • Clothes off the floor! It’s usually the first sign your room will turn into a pigsty.
  • Deep clean once per month. You won’t always be up for complete cleaning, and stuff gets missed. But if you can devote a single hour at the end of each month, you’ll never have to worry about your room cultivating the next evolution of black mold.

Streamer Room Setup Guide

If you don’t want to follow a specific pattern or style, that’s totally fine! Do your own thing and be proud of your streaming room, no matter what. Let’s discuss some essential tips on setting up a streamer room:

Color Theory: Not Just for Art Class

Try to stick with a two or three-color palette when planning your room. Even the RGB setup starts with three colors: Red, Green, and Blue.

Once you’ve got your primary colors, find complementary colors to add some needed accents. Check out this handy guide as well!

Furnishing Your Room

Depending on your streaming room, you’ll have a different set of needs. Plus, you’ll want to consider the lighting and noise concerns, influencing what you put in the room.

Will you need space for a green screen? Should you put in a rug to dampen the noise? What streamer desk do I need?

Utilizing Space

Spacing is also an essential factor to consider. If you’re in a cramped room without much space to work with, you’ll need to maximize your space and take advantage of every square inch.

An excellent way to increase your storage space and clean up your space is to utilize your walls and hang some shelving to keep less-used items away.

Inject Your Personality

Remember: This is your space. You should make sure that the room reflects your personality and is somewhere you can express yourself and your interests.

Don’t feel pressured to hop on the latest trends, follow a style guide to the letter, and take out everything that makes your streaming room yours.


Your streaming setup needs to look good, but it also needs to work correctly. It’s crucial to have good lighting when using a webcam. If you’re going to show your face, make sure it’s visible!

Bonus points if you have RGB lighting since you’ll be able to add some nifty effects for that extra bit of panache.

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