For those of you who know a streamer or someone who wants to get into this wonderful hobby, here are some of the best gift ideas that any streamer would appreciate.

What better way to show your love and/or appreciation for a current or aspiring streamer that you know by getting them a gift that will fit perfectly for their stream!

Below you’ll find 14 of the most thoughtful and practical gift ideas that will have any streamer stoked to have you as their friend/family.

1. Hue Lights

A stream setup encompasses a part of a room, or the whole room if the streamer can help it. The lighting of a setup is very important since staring at a poorly-lit room won’t be good for the eyes.

Part of the stream is the streamer’s face and room, even if his or her face doesn’t appear on-camera.

What better way to make a room more interesting than hue lights? Hue lights like those from Philips, Nanoleaf, and Yescom allow you to customize the lighting hue just as you like it. Pink or purple, you won’t run out of options anytime soon!

Depending on the streamer’s preferences, you can grab one of these as a great way to improve their streams!

2. Stream Deck

Having to navigate from window to window to do something is annoying and slow, so why not gift one of these stream decks from Elgato?

This allows the streamer to preprogram everything to his or her liking, setting specific buttons for the right occasion. For example, a button can be programmed to play a cool Twitch alert sound when there is a new subscriber.

Some streamers can use a deck for comedic effect or practical uses. You can either program a button to play funny sounds, flashing lights, or open a specific program.

A stream deck can also be used to control the recording process, clip a segment of the stream, and many more functions. Comedy gold has come from these decks before.

Bit out of your budget? Check out our list of Elgato stream deck alternatives.

3. Twitch Pillow

Some streamers don’t just play games, they provide music, conversation, or even eating content to their viewers instead. This usually involves sitting on a streamer chair for a longer period. As we all know, sitting down too long will hurt, so a pillow can be helpful.

Not just any pillow though, a Twitch pillow! Any streamer can appreciate this gesture, and it makes for a great decoration on-stream as well.

Hug it, use it as back support, or even just placing it in the background, no streamer would say no to a cute gift like this! Just remember not to put it in the washer, since it’s surface-clean only.

4. Microphone

The microphone is so crucial to the streamer that without one, everything will sound terrible through other less-professional devices. Ideally, a microphone will make speech clearer to the audience and increase the professionalism of the stream. Due to this, a microphone is surely going to make a streamer’s year if they get one for the holidays.

There are a lot of options available, but we’ll save you some time and suggest these two from Blue and Razer. The Blue Yeti is a popular microphone used by streamers, and it lives up to its reputation of reliability and versatility. Razer already makes quality streaming accessories and its Seiren microphone is specifically targeted for streamers who speak.

Of course, if you think a different option is more suitable, go ahead, but these two are some of the best mics for streaming and will improve any streamer’s setup by a long way.

5. Twitch Clothes

Maybe the streamer you know likes to appear at his or her best, spending a lot of time (and money maybe…) on appearances. Maybe he or she just got to Affiliate or Partner near the holidays. If this sounds just about right, then Twitch clothes are a great way to surprise them.

These clothes are trendy and help any streamer look cool and fashionable to the viewers. Supporting the Twitch brand also helps the company improve its platform easier. Whether it’s a jacket, cap, socks, or anything else, you can help any streamer look great for the holidays!

Just remember to buy the right size for them, okay? 🙂

6. Large Bottles

Stay hydrated, streamers! Period.

Okay, we’re kidding, but as much as mugs and cups look good on top of a desk, this makes constant refills necessary, and most streamers would prefer to stay where they are. No one wants to leave for water in the middle of a gunfight, right? That’s why you get them a large water bottle!

These bottles from HydroMATE are huge, so you won’t have to refill them ten times a session. Fill them up with sodas, energy drinks, or just plain old water so any streamer can stay hydrated and healthy.

A dehydrated streamer is a sluggish streamer, and this puts him or her at a disadvantage when it comes to fast-paced competitive games.

At Streamsentials, we love seeing streamers succeed, whether they’re new or veterans in the industry. Success doesn’t have to compromise your health, so we highly encourage streamers to keep themselves as healthy as possible. Constant exercise, hydration, and proper eating will help in the long run!

7. Strip Lights

Some streamers have no choice but to work with a smaller setup with less room. This necessitates measures such as reducing clutter and minimalist layouts. Don’t let him or her be limited by space so much though, so get one of these instead of larger lights!

The hue lights we discussed above are great, but when compared to these strip lights, you can see they lose in terms of compactness. Strip lights help save space and can be installed in all sorts of places. Desks, walls, shelves, no problem at all!

These strip lights from Govee can be controlled by your voice, Alexa, Google Assistant, and a phone as well. Keep a streamer’s hands free when gaming or playing the piano, nobody has time to fiddle with switches on-stream!

What’s more, if you do have space, you can even combine these with the hue lights we talked about. As long as you don’t trip a circuit breaker, you’ll be fine!

8. Webcam

You can skip this one if you know a streamer who prefers to keep his or her face out of sight. If not, we recommend a webcam for any streamer, since appearances matter very much. Stream layouts and setups do too, but being able to see a streamer’s face can be enjoyable and entertaining for the viewers.

Tech giant Logitech’s C920 webcam can record at 1080p30 at the highest, as well as 720p30 if the network can’t handle Full HD resolution. It’s compatible with lots of modern specifications and is supported by relevant platforms.

Not only can it record footage, but it has two stereo microphones for audio as well, though it’s much better to use a dedicated microphone and have these as backup instead.

Being able to output content with at least 720p resolution is the streaming standard these days, as screens today can reach up to 4k resolution. Quality makes or breaks a stream, and every streamer knows this. If you know a streamer, get him or her this webcam to help them out!

Webcams also make for great Twitch clips, particularly those with funny faces…

9. GoXLR Mixer

Having a physical mixer is pretty neat since you wouldn’t have to switch to a digital audio workstation (DAW) all the time. The streamer only has to move his or her hand around to fiddle with the knobs and buttons.

Not only gamers will love this, but singers and ASMR streamers would scream for joy (maybe not an ASMR streamer, but you get the point)!

Other than an equalizer, this mixer can do a lot more, such as changing your voice gender, compress audio, record samples, and even make you sound like a robot. Maybe the robot voice function will help you prank another streamer friend. You can also control the mixer with an app.

A mixer made for streaming like this will make your audio sound professional and fancy, even industry-standard. Do note that free software like Voicemeeter are still very effective, and not everyone can afford to get one for their stream setups – these GoXLR alternatives are worth checking out.

Regardless, streamers love professional audio, and won’t say no to this!

10. Steam Gift Cards and More

Many streamers on Twitch play games for a living or as a hobby, especially PC gamers. Steam is now the premium way of buying games and managing a huge library of games you might never play (looking at pretty much any Steam user ever). Almost every PC game streamer has Steam.

For the holidays, what better way to make a streamer happy than to get them Steam gift cards? Buying games is neat, but maybe you don’t know what the streamer wants. The streamer gets a gift and can buy any games he or she wants.

On this note, we can also mention Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox gift cards, which would work well for console gamers. Maybe get these too if you know a streamer who has a gaming PC, a laptop for streaming, and many consoles. The more the merrier!

11. Key Light

Not every room is designed with optimum lighting for streaming, so a key light is a nice addition for streamers. It helps a streamer look much better on-screen compared to a poorly-lit room. Professional streamers often have one in their setup to deliver the best content they can provide.

Elgato also makes this professional key light for your streaming needs. No streamer needs to worry about whether they look good as long as they have one nearby. Prepare to glow for the webcam and the audience!

Versatile and adjustable, this key light is compatible with computers and mobile devices. Who said streaming was for PCs only? Sometimes portable streaming setups are made up of tablets and a few other things only.

12. Second Monitor!

A majority of streamers have more than one monitor, as this helps keep the stream less cluttered and they can multitask discreetly.

If you know a streamer with only one monitor, gift them another one and watch them dance in sheer joy! You’ll make their year with this ASUS monitor.

Check out our list of other second monitors for streaming.

Gaming monitors are optimized to provide the best experiences, which means speed and quality are both important. ASUS’ VG245H monitor has a 1ms response time, 75Hz refresh rate, and other functions to give any streamer an edge in competitive gaming.

PC or console streamers would love to have one of these.

Not only can streamers use a non-gaming monitor for stream settings and other functions, but they can delegate the heavy-duty functions to this second monitor. The other screen can run Streamlabs or any other program as needed. Just leave the important tasks to the gaming monitor when streaming games.

13. Twitch Gift Card

Streamers subscribe to other streamers too. They’re not streaming 24/7 as it would not be healthy in the long-term. If you know a streamer who loves to support other streamers, then let pay it forward with Twitch gift cards!

These gift cards are valid for donating bits, subscribing, and gifting subscriptions to others. Supporting others also means others will see you as generous, and generous people are treated well most of the time.

By your generosity to a streamer, perhaps they’ll pay you back somehow. Help others and others will help you!

14. Green Screen

Blending in with the video game helps with the stream’s quality since it allows the audience to focus on both the video game and the streamer. To do this, a green screen is placed in the background and green clothing is avoided (unless a comedic effect is called for).

A green sheet is fine, but a professionally-made green screen for streaming doesn’t mess up as much.

Another Elgato product, this green screen is large enough for most streamers’ needs. It doesn’t wrinkle easily, so don’t worry about the illusion’s quality dropping. Deploying it is also quick.

There are many gifts for streamers that will make their year. If you find something in our list that works out, then we’re happy for you and the lucky streamer!

If your budget is tight, then showing you support through other ways is always appreciated and won’t go unnoticed. Things like watching and sharing their streams, following, and subscribing are a great start.

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