Want to make your stream more flashy and entertaining? Just add a couple of stingers to your streaming program to make your stream look cooler every time you switch from one scene to another.

Why Should You Add Stinger Transitions to Your Stream?

Twitch ‘stingers’ are essentially just scene transitions you can add to your livestream that will give your viewers visual cues whenever you switch from one scene to another.

Stinger transitions originally came from the sports broadcasting industry. You always see stingers on sports broadcasts when they cut to a replay or a highlight reel.

Many also use sound effects such as ‘wooshing’ sounds that play in sync with the transition screen to better capture people’s attention.

All famous and well-established Twitch streamers use stingers to make their streams more fun and engaging. A custom stinger transition with cool graphics, your logo and other graphic design elements that are consistent with your brand will also make your stream stand out and be more noticeable.

OBS Studio and Streamlabs only have a couple of basic scene transitions built in, such as fade and cut. However, you can easily add different stinger transitions you’ve downloaded or created yourself.

Stinger transitions are basically just video files. If you want to create a custom stinger, you’ll need to know your way around advanced video editing and visual effects software like Adobe After Effects or HitFilm Express.

It’s much easier and quicker to just download one from the Internet (either free or paid), or find somebody to make a custom design.

Here are the top 6 resources for finding the best stream transition for your channel!



If you’re dead set on adding a truly unique custom stinger transition for the best price possible, you should definitely head over to Fiverr.

The extremely popular online freelance market has lots of talented freelance designers who can do all the work for you. They even have an entire section dedicated to stinger transitions.

There are lots of outstanding freelancers who can create amazing transitions for only $5, but there are also many who might not be able to meet your expectations. Similarly, freelancers who charge much higher prices can also be a hit or miss.

Nerd Or Die


NerdorDie is one of the more popular streaming resources on the net. It’s filled with a nice variety of good looking face cam overlays, alerts, stingers, and other stream elements.

You can purchase complete bundles or pick out smaller bundles, like alerts or overlays, for a lower price. If you just need a stinger, you’ll find it in a theme’s ‘Overlays’ bundle.

Their ‘Overlay’ bundles cost $10 which is half of the $20 they charge for a full stream package. You can also buy packages with the theme’s source files for $30 if you want to fully customize the theme using Adobe After Effects or HitFilm Express.


Many of their themes also have free packages that you can try out through their ‘Name your Price’ category. You don’t have to pay anything to download or use the free stream elements, but you can pay them what you think the design is worth if you liked it enough.

However, they only offer a handful of free packages that include stingers. Their free stingers are still worth a look if you want to just try them out for a while.

The site is also filled with lots of helpful articles, blog posts, and other resources that can help you learn and better understand how to develop your livestream’s overall look and feel.

Free Nerd or Die Stinger Transition

NerdorDie’s ‘Arcade Pop’ theme has a ‘Free Extras’ package that contains this free stinger in 3 color options, as well as the accompanying audio. The diagonal strips are designed to slide away to reveal the new scene. The fun colors and design of this theme are a great way to give your stream a fresh new look.

Visuals by Impulse


Visuals by Impulse is another great site to find cool stream elements in a wide range of designs. They have dozens of stinger transitions and even offer a package for 10 free stingers that you can try out on your stream.

Most of their stream transitions cost $7 to $8, which is a very fair price if you’re simply just looking for a new stinger transition to add to your stream. Their stingers look really well made and they offer a lot of variety in their designs.

You can choose from several dozen stream packages that start at $10 and go up to $30. They even offer a couple of free stream packages to get you started.


Visuals by Impulse is a great resource if you want to customize every single part of your stream’s look because the site offers so many individual free and paid stream elements.

You can buy new alerts, event lists, panels for your Twitch profile, and other stream elements for as low as $5—or even for free in many cases. It’s also great if you just want to change one or two things in your Twitch stream’s look from time to time.

They also offer a custom design service that can help bring your vision to life using their team of talented designers in case you really want to give your stream a stunning new makeover.

Sample Stinger Transition from Visuals by Design

The Riptide stinger transition is great for giving your stream a fun splash of color. It’s part of the Riptide stream package which goes for $30 if you go for the animated one. The stinger transition package itself is very affordable at only $7, and it even comes with nice sound effects.



OWN3D offers a large selection of stream transitions, stream starting soon screens, and other stream designs. The site has dozens of stinger transitions that look nice and have very good production quality, but each one costs $31.99.

Buying a basic stream package for $48.99 or a premium package for $80.99 will be significantly more cost-efficient if you want to get the most out of your money.

The site does have a couple of big sales every year, so you might want to watch out for those if you want to save money on a design you really want.


They also do not have any free options you can try out. You can, however, join their OWN3RS Club online community and get free stuff like overlays, animations, emotes and alerts.

OWN3D does have a huge selection of stream design elements like emotes, alerts, sound effects, and badges that can be quite affordable, so it’s still worth checking out.

Some product categories also have a “Maker’ option that will allow you to design and customize your logo, avatar, badge and Twitch emotes on the website itself using templates to guide you along.

Sample OWN3D Stinger Transition

This Gamerz stinger transition normally costs $31.99 but was available on sale for only $16.00 at the time of writing. It comes as a WebM file and will work in OBS Studio, XSplit, and other streaming programs.

The theme colors are on the dark side but match well with the minimal design. It’s simple and sleek, and looks really good when you actually see it in action. The production quality of the transition animation also looks very good.



Streamplay Graphics offers a couple of basic stinger transitions as well as editing services so one of their designers can make the changes you want according to your instructions.

Their stinger transition videos cost only $5.99 and already comes with the source file, so you can edit it on your own. But you can also just pay an extra $2, for a total of $7.99, to have their designers put your name or logo in the video.

The site also features Placeit which offers loads of easy-to-use editing tools and hundreds of awesome templates to choose from. If you want a fully customized stinger transition, you can head on over to the Intro Maker to create a fully customized stinger transition using the site’s video editing tools.

To be able to use Placeit’s customization features, you’ll need to sign up for the monthly or annual subscription.


Sample Stream Transition from Streamplay Graphics

Streamplay’s Caution stinger transition features an easily customizable template and comes with three different color combinations.

The base price is really good since it already comes with the original source files. The minimal editing service fee is also very reasonable and is a great option if you just don’t have the time to edit it yourself.

Move Graph


MoveGraph offers several dozen stinger transitions that are very well made. Most of their stinger designs share a similar look that prominently features really slick and modern 3D animation elements. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of that type of look.

The site’s prices for stinger transitions are quite reasonable at only $9—and they even include the audio with that. Their stinger transitions can also be used as is, and without any editing or customization necessary. They also offer tons of other stream elements like overlays, alerts, animated screens, and Twitch panels.

Sample Transition from Move Graph

MoveGraph’s TROX XRED stinger is fairly priced at just $9. The 3D animation is really well done and the audio matches the visual design perfectly. It’s a great choice if you want to give your stream a more professional look to it.



Kudos has a great variety of different themed stinger transitions so you’re sure to find something that fits your channel’s style.

Their prices are highly affordable, mostly coming in at $5. But you can often find some on sale for half that price.

Kudos also offers a free version of their matte transition bundle that comes with 10 really nice transitions for your stream.

Sample Transition from Kudos

Taken from Kudos’ most popular stream package, the Neon Japan stream transition is as cool and professional as it gets. For just $5 this is a steal.

Before hiring anybody, make sure to check a potential freelancer’s portfolio and profile to get a better idea of who you are dealing with. When you hire a designer to make a custom stinger transition, you also need to consider the amount of time it takes to design one from scratch.

If you are able to find a good designer, you can eventually hire him to do more design work for your stream so you can focus more on the stream itself.

What sites do you use to find great Twitch stingers? Have any good tips we forgot to mention?

Let us know in the comments below!

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