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Everyone knows the basics you need for streaming (computer, internet connection, something to stream), but accessorizing is a bit trickier. An accessory may seem like an unnecessary object, but it is, by definition, something that improves the usefulness, versatility, and…

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For those of you who know a streamer or someone who wants to get into this wonderful hobby, here are some of the best gift ideas that any streamer would appreciate. What better way to show your love and/or appreciation…

Many streamers put off buying a new chair because they think that their current one works perfectly fine and it’s definitely not a small purchase. In reality, getting a new chair for your streaming setup will have a monumental effect…

Looking to amp up your streams production value by adding a green screen? Then keep reading because we've compared some of the best green screens for streaming for all types of streamer room set ups. You'll find options ranging from…

It’s easy to figure out why a viewer hops on your stream, but sometimes we’re left scratching our heads trying to figure out why they disappeared. The ebb and flow of viewers is something that happens naturally throughout your career,…

Realistically, streamers don’t need much. Give them a good internet connection, a decent PC, a microphone, and a webcam, and they’re sure to throw together some decent content. In fact, this is how many streamers start their career. As you…