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Twitch Twitter Youtube xQc (aka Félix Lengyel) – Former Pro Overwatch player for Gladiator’s Legion and popular Twitch streamer. Born in Canada. He’s the Juicer. The fast-talking mumble mouth with 420 RPMs (rages per minute duud) and a penchant for…

Using a facecam is a great way to connect with your audience while streaming, but a poor quality camera can just as easily tank that connection. Unfortunately, most webcams on the market don’t offer the clean, high-resolution images you would…

If you plan on using some of the more popular models for Vtubing besides a reactive PNG, you will need a webcam. Let's go over some of your different options and why you might want one versus the other. A…

There are many successful female streamers on Twitch, and sometimes they just want to give a little bit more of themselves to their fans. OnlyFans is a subscription based service that let’s you get exclusive content from a creator for…

Something you learn early on in streaming, usually before you sit in front of the camera, is that quality is important. A charismatic streamer can have their chances dashed with subpar audio quality, and the wrong equipment, and crystal clear…

For those of you who know a streamer or someone who wants to get into this wonderful hobby, here are some of the best gift ideas that any streamer would appreciate. What better way to show your love and/or appreciation…

Both the first and second generation RODECaster Pros bring a lot to the table. As an all-in-one podcasting mixer, the RODECaster Pro has a lot on its plate, but it finishes the meal and asks for seconds. From recording and…

The Elgato Stream Deck is a great addition to any streamers setup. It’s easy to use customizable control pad that can be used to bring up images and animations, send out alerts, messages, launching media and so much more. The…

Elgato’s Stream Decks have made waves since their introduction in 2017, and the second generation carries on the tradition. The entire line makes it easier to control various aspects of your stream, allowing you to interact with your audience, launch…