The purpose of STREAMSENTIALS is to provide practical guides and advice for improving the production quality of your stream.


Whether you’re stuck trying to figure something out in OBS Studio, or you’re wanting to learn about your different webcam options for streaming, I’ve made it my goal to provide you with the essential information to make your life as a streamer easier.



My name’s Mackenzie (aka Rundown) and pretty much everything you see on this site was created by yours truly.

Minus the Streaming Gear articles that provide recommendations on the best streaming hardware – those were written by a friend who would like to stay anonymous, so we just call him, Jordan :).

I took a serious approach to streaming in early 2018 and quickly realized the streamer lifestyle wasn’t for me.


As much as I love gaming – and boy do I love gaming – I couldn’t envision myself being restricted to being in front of my computer screen for so many hours straight ….must be the outdoorsman in me.


Kudos to you if you’re able to do that, but it’s not something I could do.


I still wanted to contribute to the streaming community though – something I’ve been apart of for a long ass time now (I used to stream WoW on Xfire in 2009).


So combining my enjoyment for creating shit, and teaching people things, I put together STREAMSENTIALS!


If you ever wanna get in touch, just hit me up here.