The purpose of STREAMSENTIALS is to provide practical guides and advice for improving the production quality of your stream.

Whether you’re stuck trying to figure something out in OBS Studio, or you’re wanting to learn about your different webcam options for streaming, we’ve made it our goal to provide you with the essential information to make your life as a streamer easier.


Streamsentials is split up into three core categories designed to help streamers with their own channels.


Tips, Guides, and How-To’s make up the majority of this section. Whether its setting up your first stream on Twitch, or learning how to set up your overlays in OBS, we have a huge collection of help content for streamers wanting to master their stream.


With so many different options when it comes to peripherals for your streaming setup it can be tough to know what’s going to provide you with the quality you need, at the price point you’re willing to spend.

This is why we’ve created a bunch of guides that showcase and review the best options for streaming gear like headphones, webcams, and microphones. All designed to help you decide on which is the perfect fit for your own situation.


If you’re a fan of how a certain top streamer has their channel setup and running, you might want to know the exact peripheral they’re using.

We’ve gathered as much information as possible from some of the most popular streamers to find out what gear they’re using for their gaming and streaming PC’s. Check these pages out to see what they use, and get some inspiration for your own setup.

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