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Below you’ll find a bunch of resources to help improve your streams production quality and efficiency.

Streaming Software

OBS Studio – The most popular software for streamers, and for good reason – it’s one of the best in terms of ease-of-use and stream quality output. Plus it’s free to use.


XSplit – OBS Studio’s rival, XSplit is a great alternative. Mostly free to use, but has some paid options available.


Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) – Streamlabs’ version of OBS Studio, with their own app features built into the User Interface.


OBS.Live – Like Streamlabs OBS, StreamElements has put their own spin on OBS Studio to include their own features.


Graphics / Branding

Fiverr – For overlays, offline banners, panels, alerts, emotes, and even animated graphics, use Fiverr to upgrade the visuals of your stream.

Streamer Apps

Streamlabs – The most used app for streamers. Streamlabs has a ton of useful features to make streaming easy and interactive for your viewers.

StreamElements – A great streamer platform if you’re looking for an easy way to manage your stream.

Muxy – If it’s just stream alert management you want, then give Muxy a go. – A gaming community and stream management software wrapped into one.

Alert Sounds

Twitch Alert Sounds – If you’re wanting some unique and professional sounds for your alerts during your stream that aren’t the same ones everybody else is using, then check out Twitch Alert Sounds.

Blerp Sound Emotes – Feature a Subscriber Soundboard of your own voice / content and let viewers donate bits to play sounds live on stream.

Chat Bots

Nightbot – One of the most popular bots for automated and moderating your stream chat.

Moobot – Easy to use and works like a charm, there’s a reason why Moobot is one of the top chat bots.

Phantom Bot – A highly customizable and open source bot for more experienced users who want more out of their bot.

DeepBot – This paid chat bot comes with a ton of customization features for your chat bot.