It’s time to leave the webcams behind. If you want a new camera to upgrade your streaming setup, you’ve come to the right place!

Mirrorless cameras are undoubtedly the ones reigning in the kingdom of streaming equipment. Apart from being an ongoing trend and an affordable option, they are the daily drivers of some of the most successful online content creators.

With their portability, value for money, and overall excellent quality, there is nothing more to ask for from a streaming camera.

Since we know you’re in desperate need of an upgrade, let us show you the top 7 mirrorless cameras for streaming available on the market today.

Best Budget

Panasonic Lumix G85


One of the most prominent mirrorless cameras on the market. Anyone who might be looking for a newer, lighter, and more intelligent alternative to its bulky DSLR brothers, the Panasonic Lumix G85 is here to deliver insane performance without any compromise on quality.

This 4K camera is nearly half the size of any usual DSLR, which doesn’t surprise us since it utilizes Panasonic’s most compact camera system ever designed. It’s a perfect choice for the ones actively looking for perfectly balanced pricing and performance, reigning it as the current king of value-for-money.

Best Overall

Cannon EOS R


If you have the money to spend, the Canon EOS R would be our strongest recommendation by far. This outstanding mirrorless camera is going to deliver true optical excellence, upgrading your stream to the point that it would be indistinguishable in quality compared to the top broadcasters on all platforms.

If you’re a fan of stunning detail and clarity even in low-light situations (and legendary cameras in general!) read more below on why this absolute beast deserves and needs to be your next upgrade!

Top 7 Mirrorless Cameras for Streamers

Now that we’ve covered the information you should be familiar with alongside our two top picks for each category, let’s jump right into this.

*Note that these are different cameras than DSLRs. We have a separate guide on the best DSLRs for streaming here.

Here are the 7 best mirrorless cameras for streaming:

1. Best Bang for Your Buck: Sony Alpha a6000

Starting strong with the extremely budget-friendly mirrorless camera from Sony, it will be a fantastic beginner-friendly camera to get your stream to the next level.

The Alpha a6000 mirrorless digital camera packs the world’s fastest autofocus paired with its 24.3-megapixel detail.

It’s here to test the limits of what you’d like to showcase with it to your audience; intuitive, low-light friendly, and waiting to be your next camera. Lightweight, compact, and just about on par with any other crop sensor camera owned by professionals, it has become a go-to everyday carry camera.

Due to insane demand from landscape photographers, it’s frequently out of stock, so you can heavily consider taking a look at its brother, the a6400.


  • Phenomenal daily driver for photography and vlogging, captures jaw-dropping pictures and video.
  • Extremely user-friendly, internationally praised for its simplicity regarding the presented user interface.


  • Battery life could be slightly improved.


2. Best Fixed Lens: Sony ZV-1

Going down our list with the Sony ZV-1 left us positively surprised after our careful review.

Its beautifully vibrant/natural skin tones and real-time eye autofocus that perfectly blurs out the background answers it all for us.

The fact that Sony was able to build eye-tracking into such a small package is astounding and you still get the same amazing Sony picture quality, no wonder everyone uses Sony sensors.

Being a top pick for many vloggers which have found immense success online ultimately means this bad boy has a lot to offer!


  • Unbelievably strong focus, swiftly switching between two modes of defocused background bokeh. Real-time autofocus is also available and can be an incredibly powerful feature for a streaming camera to have.
  • The automatic exposure (AE) tracks faces and makes sure they always appear well-lit.
  • Optimized color with enhanced skin-tone reproduction.


  • The camera will need to be placed a bit further apart if you are planning to shoot 4K video since it zooms in a little too close.


3. Best 4K Pick: Panasonic Lumix GH5

The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is a hardy 4K beast that you definitely don’t want to miss checking out.

Apart from its incredibly durable body that can withstand anything thrown at it, including freezing temperatures, there are quite a few features on this beast that all you streamers watching this will be intrigued by.

Upon release, it was arguably the best 4K camera for streaming, and it remains one of the best cameras for vlogging (and, of course, streaming!) to this day. The GH5 comes with a massive range of 10-bit ProRes and anamorphic video options as well as several built-in color profiles.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that there’s built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, as well as a low-energy Bluetooth connection that establishes a permanent connection between the camera and your device for swift data transfers.


  • Incredible ergonomics, long battery life, and sturdy design which is easily the best one on the list when it comes to outdoor use (adventure vlogging).
  • Touch screen that tremendously helps with accessibility.


  • Not particularly great under low-light circumstances. As long as you have sufficient lighting in your space, this camera will thrive.


4. Best Deal for Under $500: Panasonic Lumix G7KS

When it comes to the Panasonic Lumix G7KS, streamers and content creators will rush to your side in order for you to consider purchasing it.

This truly extraordinary camera brings tremendous value for its price-point.

Apart from shooting beautiful 4K video and having features that mirrorless cameras of over double this price-point would really have, you have a great choice ahead of you.

Handling is top notch, everything falls into place and all functions are within easy reach for fast access. The grip is superb and I really think this is the best handling camera out there. Overall, for this price point it is tough to find a better camera. Highly recommended!


  • Precise and quick auto-focus, great face and eye detection.
  • Incredible value-for-money, produces 4K content that only the high-end cameras would be able to compete with.
  • Expandability options for you to mount accessories just like lighting directly on the camera when necessary.


  • When recording, videos tend to split after 4GB in size. If you’re solely using it for streaming, don’t consider this a flaw at all, because it won’t affect you whatsoever!


5. Best Full Frame Choice: Sony Alpha 7 IV

Compared to the other mirrorless cameras on the list, the Sony Alpha 7 IV is undoubtedly the true king of autofocus. The 33 pm sensor is powerful and sharp.

The Sony Alpha 7 IV is definitely a versatile and a powerhouse of a camera for the individuals that have the money to spend on a quality mirrorless device.

Lastly one thing is for sure; this camera will never disappoint you, even if you’ve had another full-frame one in the past. This is amongst the very top ones in the market when it comes to full-frame videos, and our top choice amongst those when it comes to streaming!


  • Excels in low-light spaces with truly captivating capturing regardless of the circumstance.
  • Beautiful color expression made simple with S-Cinetone color profile.
  • Excellent auto-focus which is truly hard to beat.


  • Significantly more expensive, the price point alone deters a lot of streamers and content creators that look for more affordable options that won’t break the bank.


6. Budget 4K Pick: Panasonic Lumix G85

Say hello to Panasonic yet again, this time bringing you the Lumix G85 model.

If you’re simply on a budget and looking for a mirrorless camera that includes cutting-edge video, audio, creative controls as well as image stabilization, look no further.

There are also color profiles to shoot in that may be customized. We find that the “Natural” profile to be the most pleasing in video.

Camera purists will enjoy the familiar quick access thumbwheel controls and integrated 2360K dot eye level electronic live viewfinder, plus an articulating flip LCD display for greater flexibility in difficult shooting angles.


  • The video is practically gliding – the image stabilization on this camera is beyond fascinating and surprised many. Buttery smooth streams with no jittery moments.
  • Great choice for vlogging and generally carrying around due to its lightweight and robust structure. Bringing such a high-quality camera with you might not be a bad choice, after all.
  • Fantastic power-saving settings that don’t significantly compromise the quality of the video.


  • Slight crop on the 4K recording as usual with many cameras on this budget; nothing serious to worry about, though! Throw it a little further and you’re set.


7. Best Overall: Canon EOS R

Our top pick of the list is about to be showcased, we hope you’re as excited as we are!

For outstanding quality and convenience, all in one package, Canon knocks on your door to let you know that their EOS R model is the one to go with.

We’ll keep it very short and concise here, because this camera truly speaks for itself. With features like a 30.3 MP CMOS sensor, vivid 4K video, smooth autofocusing and more, streaming will flow like a breeze with this fabulous mirrorless camera.


  • From its incredible ergonomics and color science to its exquisitely smooth videos, this camera has it all. If you’re looking for a camera that will make you and your viewers truly say “wow”, this is definitely our strongest recommendation to you.


  • Extremely minor photography-related notice (not having a second card slot). For streaming this won’t matter!


Things to Consider When Buying a Mirrorless Camera for Streaming

Before you grab your brand new mirrorless camera, it’s important to ensure that you fully understand what you’re getting your hands on.

Just like wearing shoes to test their fit out, you should take a brief moment to understand if this the right one for you and your existing setup.

All things considered, here are the three major points to swiftly go over:

Video Quality & Frame Rate

Especially if you’re on a budget, it might not be the most viable option to double down on video quality and huge frame rate capturing if streaming will be the only thing you utilize the mirrorless camera for.

Image: Unsplash

On the other hand, all of these beast-level cameras are also perfect for vlogging and taking professional pictures even when in a completely casual circumstance – so if you’re considering using it for more than just streaming, snagging a higher-end model will definitely be MUCH more than just “worth it”!

Streaming Compatibility

There’s a massive amount of powerful cameras on the market from a multitude of companies, all with different characteristics and strengths.

To really enjoy your new mirrorless camera it is better to make sure that it’s fully compatible with your hardware and that you do not need any video capturing device to help. Google will be your best friend on this, make sure to give the ones you are interested in a brief googling session!

Auto Power Off Options

Most cameras these days have some sort of battery saver setting that will turn off your camera automatically after a certain duration of recording time (30 minutes usually).

So make sure your mirrorless camera model of choice has an option to turn this off so you can accommodate longer recordings. Your camera should also be connected to a video encoder so it can send the HDMI output to online streaming platforms smoothly.


Are mirrorless cameras good for streaming?

Image: Canon

Mirrorless cameras are ideal for even the most demanding streamers and their viewers! They offer exceptional video quality, impressive low-light performance, and ultra-high photo resolutions.

Lastly, let’s not forget they have the same image quality when compared to a professional DSLR while also being more compact!

Can you use a mirrorless camera as a webcam?

You’re able to effortlessly turn your mirrorless camera into a streaming webcam with just a few clicks. Downloading free software available from the camera’s manufacturer allows you to swiftly turn your camera into the beast which you’re looking for.

How do I use a mirrorless camera to live stream?

Once you have loaded all the necessary software as instructed by your webcam’s manufacturer and ensured all compatibility with your system is met, you can simply load it on your streaming software like OBS just like any other camera!

Final Thoughts

Deciding on what streaming camera to get can be a hectic process, however, we really hope these tips and recommendations saved you quite a bit of time looking back and forth on the Internet!

On a lighter note, mirrorless cameras are here to stay and constantly gain more popularity with time. They are an excellent, budget-friendly option for even the most demanding ones due to their versatility, pricepoint, and quality of their captured content.

Before you go, make sure to check out our top pick, the Canon EOS R, if you haven’t already. Well, even if you did, checking again will be necessary – this is truly a special one!


Canon EOS R


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