There are so many different ways through which you could customize and personalize your stream. If you’re a newer streamer, or if you’re looking for ways to further improve your stream, one way in which you can do this is through using custom Twitch alert sounds.

Although you can get away with using the default alert sounds, switching things around can make your stream more exciting and memorable for your viewers.

If you’d like to find different alert sounds you can use for your channel, take a look at some of the resources below.

Stream Alert Sounds

twitch alert sounds

You’d be surprised to know that the creator of this website happens to be a streamer too. Stream Alert Sounds was born from a lack of websites dedicated to providing sound effects for stream alerts.

If you’re wondering what you can find on this website, you’d be glad to know that there is a wealth of sound effects. Some are free, some are premium, and some are custom.

At this moment, there are 105+ products available in the Premium section. These sound effects are split into different categories:

  • Cheer Alerts
  • Donation Alerts
  • Follower Alerts
  • Raid Alerts
  • Subscriber Alerts
  • Sound Alert Packs

Thanks to the categorization of these sound effects, it is possible for you to choose specific ones for whichever purpose you would like. Also, note that the sound alert packs are often themed, so if you want to have a cohesive theme on your stream, it is certainly possible. Themed packs usually cost $15.

Remember that although these files are labeled for specific purposes, you are absolutely free to use them for whatever purpose you’d like.


On SoundBible, there are various sound effects and clips available. You can get some for free, with downloads available in .wav or even .mp3 format. Royalty-free sound effects can also be found here.

That way, you can use clips for your content, which is especially handy for streamers who also create content for YouTube and social media.

SoundBible updates its content every week. The downloads here are free, so you never have to worry about spending a dime.


Next up is FreeSound. Here, you can find a large selection of various types of sound files that you can use for your Twitch alerts. The aim of this website is to gather different audio clips, snippets, recordings, and samples to help create a collaborative database.

The content found here is usually royalty-free since they are often released through Creative Commons (CC) licenses, which allow them to be reused.

Unfortunately, although most of the content on Freesound is free, you may have trouble finding clips for your alerts. Freesound wasn’t explicitly designed to provide alert audio.

Because of this, you will have to go through thousands of clips and recordings to find something you want to use. But hey, you can’t beat free – if you’re patient enough, you can find what you need without ever paying a cent.

Nerd or Die

At Nerd or Die, the focus is less on sound effects and more on graphics. Nevertheless, you can still find some pretty good sound effects and clips that you can use for your Twitch alerts.

On their website, you can find three different sets of sound clips, pretty sprites, voice UI, and virtual.

The pretty sprites sound effect pack has some audio clips inspired by the old school/vintage games. If you download this pack, you’ll get some pre-composed clips that are longer, as well as each of the sound effects which were used in making them. These sound effects can be used for your Twitch alerts, your YouTube videos, and more.

Inclusions in this pack are 20 unique compositions and 35 sound effects.

If you choose the Voice UI set, you’ll get something somewhat different – you’ll find a mixture of both female and male voice options. You get sounds that you can use for your alerts, as well as audio that you can use for your stream deck triggers (if you have one).

There are three voice styles on this pack, namely Relay, General, and finally, Spark. Each style has 12 unique messages. In total, you get over 200 audio clips of voice files. A recommendation that Nerd or Die often makes is to pair up the Voice UI audio pack with the Uplink Stream Package, also found on their website.


As you may have guessed by their name, Soundsnap is a website that specializes in audio that you can use in your stream, rather than for gaming add-ons.

Soundsnap aims to help streamers find the best audio effects they can use for their alerts. Soundsnap’s library of sound effects is 250,000 strong – and more effects get added every single week. Unfortunately, you do have to pay for access to this library.

There are 3 options to pay if you want access to this service. You can either:

  • Pay $15 for 5 downloads
  • Get 20 downloads at the cost of $29
  • Get unlimited downloads for a yearly cost of $199

SoundSnap makes it easy for you to find the files you want to use. Their advanced filtering system allows you to browse the audio clips by location, latest upload date, and tags. You can technically use any audio clip you find here as a Twitch alert as long as it is the right length.

However, you can always edit the files to shorten them by using free editing software like Audacity. Alternatively, there are custom alerts available from SoundSnap as well.

The custom alerts page has 1109 sounds available. To find what you want, you might need to spend a bit of time looking through the files. However, the tag system that SoundSnap has in place will make things easier for you. The user-friendly UI also helps!

Next up is SoundAlerts. This actually happens to be a Twitch extension that you can install on your own channel. It’s interactive for your viewers, as it allows them to play some sound effects live on your stream for a price.

Viewers have to pay bits to play specific sound effects, making it possible for you to not only interact but also monetize your stream. Over 25,000 streamers have already downloaded this extension, and over 30,000 sound clips are available as well.

Unfortunately, these aren’t exactly Twitch alerts, but they offer a bit of fun to your viewers!

Another website from where you can get add-ons and audio clips is Here, you will find graphics, templates, sounds, and various other add-ons for your Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, or even Facebook stream. offers Stream Alert Sounds as well as Twitch Notification Sound. Currently, they have 24 such sound files. 24 may seem like only a few, but makes up for it by making sure their sound effects are specially created for streamers.

The sound clips you will find here are themed or are related to some musical genres. For example, you find Rock and Dubstep as choices. Others are game-specific, such as alerts for Fortnite.


Last but not least is SoundBoard. Their tagline, “nothing but sounds,” does clue you into what they have available on their website. On SoundBoard you will find over 500,000 soundtracks, which are all scattered between 20 categories.

You’ll find a Games category, exactly where you can find the subcategory Soundbites for Stream. Navigating to this section will bring you to the various sound effects they have available for you to use as your Twitch Alerts.

And of course, although they have a specific section for their Gaming sound clips, you are absolutely free to explore everything else they have. But, if you want to stick to the Games section, then you’ll find 33 different effects.

Where are you going to get your new Twitch alert sounds from?

Let us know in the comments below which site looks the best!

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