“So, did you see that EUberl9rd just hit 1k subs last night? Yeah… Apparently, he’s gonna be streaming as a cat-girl maid for the next week. Didn’t he get affiliate like.. a month ago?

Okay, terrible fake Twitch channel names aside, you’ve probably been sent a message like this in a group chat or Discord. Some streamer you’ve maybe watched a time or two blowing up out of nowhere.

And you only heard about their sudden rise because of their latest Twitch sub goal hijinks.

If you’ve been thinking, “Hey, I just hit affiliate, I wanna get in on the action too! But I don’t know where to start…” Then I’m a psychic, and you’re in luck.

Throw out your e-begging strategy and strap in. We’re going to go through thirteen different Twitch sub goal ideas for you to use in your next stream to organically increase viewers and subscribers, and have fun while doing it.

1. Spin the Wacky Wheel

Whether it’s Wheel of Fortune, League of Legends, or a rigged carnival game, everybody loves to spin the wheel. A wheel spinner is a great way to incentivize subs and turn passive viewers into a hype train through gamification. (Oh my god, he used the buzzword!)

But for real, a spinning wheel like the one from Streamlabs lets you do things like viewer rewards, affect in-game choices, or anything else you’d like to try out.

You can make it fun, stupid, or embarrassing as you like and turn into a game show host with your viewers as the contestants.

2. 24 Hour Stream for that 24/7 Hour Dream

You’re not afraid of a little caffeine, are you? If not, you can decide that sleep is for the weak and do a 24-hour stream to really kick up some support. 24-hour streams are a staple of streaming.

Be it fundraising for charity, a rite of passage, or a way to drive up subs, viewers will see the dedication on hand and be more inclined to support.

WARNING: This isn’t for the faint of heart or the narcoleptics. You don’t want to fall asleep during the stream. Or maybe you do…

3. More Emotes Plz

For as long as the typed word has existed, the emote has never been far behind. For some, that may mean a simple 🙂 and for others, it can refer to spamming a sarcastic 4Head

With Twitch, every affiliated or partnered channel gets a certain amount of emotes exclusively for the subs of a specific channel.

A good emote can drive up subs. Great emotes can start a revolution… Okay, maybe not a revolution, but Twitch is smart.

The number of subscribers correlates to the number of emotes a channel gets. Revealing upcoming emotes or having sub-only votes for new emotes can also increase your sub total and the emotes you can spam in other chats.

4. Gearing Up

One of the first things you’ll read or see to get more viewers into your stream is improving the quality of your stream. That means better sound, visuals, emotes, overlays, etc.

Since Twitch subscribers are how you make money on the stream, you can tie your subs goal to different equipment you are planning to get to improve your stream!

Your viewers want to see you improve and wants to see you succeed. This gives them a chance to directly support the Improvement of your stream and your channel.

5. Bro, Just Play the Meta.

Everyone complains about the meta. Whether it’s GOATS in Overwatch, Bayonetta in Smash 4, or the latest fad on Twitch. (Are hot tubs still the thing?) but the truth is whenever a meta arrives in gaming or streaming, it’s for a reason. It works.

People enjoy watching it. So while you might not want to just follow the trends with whatever is popular, you can still use the latest trends on Twitch to your advantage.

Having a “meta stream” or a “meme stream” be used as an incentive or reward for your sub goal basically says, “Hey, this is popular for a reason, but instead of spamming it, we’ll just do it for fun.”

6. Does This Cosplay Make My Stream Look Big

Remember when dressing up in a costume was just called dressing up? Whatever you call it, cosplay streaming is here to stay. And no matter what you look like or your body type, cosplay streams are a consistent way to increase subscribers.

This is a common strategy you see on Twitch and other live streaming content creation platforms like YouTube and Tik-Tok.

So whether you want to be like EUberl9rd and go cat-girl maid, or dress up as your favorite character from whatever game you’re playing, don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone and express yourself!

7. It’s Not a Phase Chat!

Your face is the first thing people notice about you. And your hair is attached to your face. Shocking, I know. But it’s true, changing your hair color is instantly recognizable and can generate some serious buzz.

While you might not be setting Twitter on fire because you decided to dye your hair blue on stream, it can still drive up engagement views and subscribers in your community no matter the size.

Personally, I suggest starting with a full rainbow assortment complete with stars bleached in. Nothing too fancy, of course.

8. Beanboozled Again…

Ah yes, Bertie Bott’s Eve- I mean, ah yes… BeanBoozled.

A few years ago, just having this collection of tasty and disgusting jelly beans was a guaranteed couple million views. While some of the hype has certainly died down, this is still a great way to incentivize subscriptions on Twitch.

As much as your viewers love you, they absolutely want to see you suffer. And the opportunity to watch you choke down in the ear wax flavored jelly bean as if you are Albus Dumbledore will help satiate chat’s sadism and give some quality content.

9. 1v1 Me IRL Bro

Touch grass. No, I’m not using the latest tired insult on Twitter. I’m saying that doing a live stream outside is a great change of pace for your stream and a way to show people some of the things you like to do outside of Twitch.

This can be showing off a hobby of yours like hiking or a particular sport. Or you can show them around an interesting part of where you live.

Or if you’re planning on traveling, bring the camera and IRL stream a live travel vlog. Just don’t piss off the locals.

10. Oh My God, Stop Embarrassing Me!

This goes hand-in-hand with some of the other Twitch sub goal ideas. Chat loves to watch you make a fool of yourself, so consider doing a challenge where the reward is you doing/wearing something embarrassing on stream.

Perhaps you’ll take the time to belt out some Disney classics or get voluntarily pied in the face. You could also opt for something like embarrassing attire for the next week’s stream.

11. We’re All In This Together

This idea is good for Twitch sub goals, and a great way to increase usage of channel points: Having a community suggested stream is an easy-to-include and consistent form of Twitch sub goal.

Do some of the long-time subscribers want to join in the next game? Perhaps, have them vote on what happens next in the stream? You decide!

Giving them a chance to participate through subs is a great way to reward and thank you to dedicated viewers.

A quick and easy way to collect ideas from chat is to use a channel point reward to suggest ideas, have the mods compile the most popular, and have subscribed viewers vote on the most popular idea.

12. Strike a Pose

Streaming without a webcam used to be a death knell for growing your Twitch channel. However, plenty of big streamers finding big success without a webcam has proven now that you don’t have to have one.

And with the continued rise of V-tubers, it’s doubly true. So if you decide not to stream regularly with a webcam, you can use that to your advantage for a particularly important subgoal.

If you really want to get subs to the next level on your stream, consider doing a face reveal stream! And even after the stream, you can go right back to streaming without a face cam.

13. A Fine Game for Your Stream Collection

Has chat been begging for you to play the latest scary game? Maybe there’s a major release that they’ve been dying to see you play, or the newest Fall Guys/Among Us/Phasmophobia dropped, and they want to see you and the crew laugh, lie, cry, and rage your way through it all.

Or maybe, you’ve teased trying out a different type of stream as well.

Perhaps you’ll drop League of Legends and try out Just Dance. Perhaps you’ve promised to give speedrunning a go and chat decided on Super Mario Odyssey.

Like buying new equipment, the games you play are a part of the cost involved in streaming. So it makes sense to have some specific games be a part of your Twitch sub goals.

Viewers can see the games they want to see you play, and you don’t have to worry about trading rent money for the latest flash in the pan that won’t last six months. Everybody wins!

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you found a couple of these subscriber goal ideas useful, inspiring, and interesting. This list is by no means exhaustive, and if you have any Twitch sub goal ideas of your own, be sure to let us know!

Another great resource for you to consult is your viewers. Your community loves to be involved and hearing their ideas is a great way to build community and get valuable feedback.

Don’t forget, your channel is your own, so be sure that you do what feels natural! Make your channel’s brand and personality shine through and everything you do, and you’ll be sure to see results.

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