From whacky haircut subgoals to the record-breakers that have launched other Twitch streamers to the big leagues, we’ve compiled everything you need to know to make your hours-long streaming marathon a quick-hit success!

When Should I Do A Subathon On Twitch?


Every streamer dreams of growing their followers and subcount. In recent years, big streamers have found newer and crazier ways to thrive in the Twitch space. One of these was the subathon, the idea of a stream only lasting in increments of time for each person that subscribes.

If catching more viewers on Twitch is what you desire, a subathon might be the next big thing for your channel.

Subathons are special events that can take place over hours, even days. The amount of exposure almost guarantees a wider audience because you’re literally on the platform longer.

So before you make any announcement, make sure that you’re ready to commit a huge portion of your time to your stream! Check your schedule in advance so that your totally awesome subathon doesn’t step on any other commitments you’ve made!

Twitch usually has the largest number of viewers on their website in the middle of the day on Sundays, so use the influx of people to your advantage to start strong.

Make sure you’re up for the time commitment, and hype up the event a week/10 days in advance.

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11 Twitch Subathon Ideas You Should Try

You’ve decided that you want to take your Twitch game to the next level. Now comes the part where you need to think of fun stuff to do on the subathon itself.

That being said, thinking of the best stream content ideas to keep your viewers engaged can be a lot especially if it’s your first time.

It’s easy to fry your brain trying to think of new ways to innovate, especially when everyone’s already doing the same things over at their subathons.

So here are some of the best, time-proven subathon goal ideas people want to see, as well as a few ways you could put your own spin on it. Feel free to mix things up as you go, rockstar!

Remember: the fun activities you prepare for subathon goals should make you feel excited, give everyone something to look forward to, and keep your core audience entertained. Bursts of energy are invaluable in any kind of marathon!

1. Do Impressions!

Comedy has been a staple in the entertainment industry, and Twitch is no exception! Know how to give a good Christopher Walken impression? Speak like Yoda well, do you?

Impressions could go two ways, but they can be a hilarious way to interact with your spectators. Go for the stranger requests, like Rocky Balboa reciting the Gettysburg Address for maximum LULs. Be warned though: this may also lead to some weird and interesting skits.

As long as you carry yourself with confidence, you’ll be able to put on a good show. Be it hilariously good or hilariously cringe, your audience will be engaged nonetheless!

The right KEKW moment might land you in a streamer compilation vid, which’ll get people typing your username in the search bar!

2. Put Your Reputation Twitter On The Line!

Among the more riskier subgoals, you can also give chat the power to tweet anything they vote on on your Twitter account.

It is recommended that you place this subathon milestone up there, for I assume that you value your followers’ perception of you.

Giving your chat the reins on any of your socials is definitely something a viewer would stick around for. So pick something wacky, insane or something hilariously inappropriate, and to sweeten the deal, delete the tweet only when the subathon ends.

This is pretty versatile, and can also be used as an added consequence for any of the other subgoals. Again, set this one pretty high up.

3. Egg To The Head!

Yep, you read that right.

Got a quirky catchphrase? Do you pick your nose on-stream without noticing?

Slap that habit with the consequence of getting a white egg smashed against the side of your noggin every time you do it, and you’ve got yourself some easy entertainment.

Bonus points for rotten eggs!

4. Custom Emotes!

A famous subgoal amongst growing streamers, glammed-up custom Twitch emotes not only make your subs feel like they are a part of a community, but they’re also tangible goals that stay even after your subathon.

During the stream, make your chat vote for the best ones and livestream yourself picking an artist to commission.

Go for inside jokes, personalized spins on famous emotes, or just plain ol’ fancy gifs. The meme potential here is endless!

We have a list of Twitch emote ideas here for more inspiration.

5. Eat Super Exotic Food!


Dried beatles, edible tarantulas, and extra hot peppers that could make the devil cry. Or if you’re Asmongold, you only need to eat a salad!

Reserved for only for the strongest of stomachs, this can either get people in chat either cheering you on or squirming in their seats– either way, you’ve got yourself some good and honest entertainment designed to keep the audience’s attention.

Like a car crash, their eyes will be glued to your face to see how you react to tasting a hundred thousand scovilles of pure hellfire.

Try to add your own spin to it, like having a countdown before you’re allowed to take a glass of milk tick faster for every sub.

Just make sure to have plenty of tissues handy and a small trashbin nearby for the worst case scenario. And always remember to always know your limits!

Do a bit of research to know what’s good and not good for you beforehand, and have fun blaming chat for your suffering!

6. Sing With Your Subs!

Got a hidden talent for singing? Looking for the right opportunity to belt out that one Usher song you always sing in the shower while imagining you’re dancing in the rain? (I may or may not speak from experience.)

Then doing a karaoke sesh with your subs in voice chat is just the thing for you! Invite your mods over voice chat and you could even set up a singing competition with your subs on Discord! It’s a Yes from me!

Karaoke brings people together, and the more comfortable your people are with one another, the more you’ll be able to foster a healthy environment.

Put out a welcoming vibe, and you’ll have better chances of more people staying on the subathon!

7. Play For Charity!

If you’re one of millions of people in the Twitch Gaming Sphere, you could stream your passion AND make the world a better place. Let your people know which non-profits you support by giving a part of the profits to that organization.

And if you can’t settle on one, let the chat vote from a selection of charities for you! There’s nothing more noble than raising funds and awareness for a good cause.

Involving your chat in making the world a better place is admirable and shows that you’re worth their time!

As long as you’re earnest, trust me, they will notice. The value of the subathon will increase, but make sure to set a realistic fundraising goal that’s proportional to your current subcount.

8. IRL Stream: Tour Of Your City!

This is a big one for people comfortable enough to show themselves on camera. Touching grass with your viewers is one of the best things to do at a subathon because it gives your audience a change of scenery!

You could take your stream to your favorite restaurant, an interesting bar, or even just a nice place with the best view of the city and enrich the subathon experience.

Recount fun stories, fond memories, and feel free to get into some personal feelings while you’re at it. Just make sure not to doxx yourself, and it should be safe fun. Bonus points if you’re with other known streamers/good friends!

9. Giveaways!

Giveaways are a strong motivator for people to come join and interact on streams. They are almost always present in every big subathon out there.

Here are some things to consider if you’d be willing to hold a raffle or two on your subathon!

  • The thing being given away has to be relevant (ie. channel merch, stream equipment, etc.)
  • Gift cards are a good start, but keep ‘em on brand (ie. Steam credits for a Gaming channel)
  • Make sure not to splurge too much!
  • Set the participants to “subs only” to make em feel appreciated for their support

10. Temporary Tattoos!

Temporary tattoos make for good fun, especially when you leave the choice of tattoo and the placement for said tattoo to the hurricane of utter chaos that is your Twitch chat.

Fake tattoos can add quick entertainment value on your subathon, and really good ones are easily found online. Depending on how daring you want to be, you could always go for the real thing for a subgoal.

Just remember to not be too daredevil. Not a lot of places hire people with tattoos of Pepe the frog on their face.

11. Let Chat Mess With Your Keybinds!

Imagine being 2 hours into a brawl with an Elden Ring boss and then losing your ability to block. Subathons are all about giving your subs more control over your stream, and nothing feels more empowering than watching a streamer slowly slip into insanity under your own hand!

Popular with the more rage-inducing games, taking away important keybinds is a subgoal mostly used by pros who are looking for a challenge in their games of expertise.

Make sure you actually know the game enough to advance even with additional handicaps, because no one wants to watch you die a hundred times in the tutorial!

It makes for some hysterical moments (for the audience) and makes the stream more fun (for the audience), while also incentivizing more people to click that “Subscribe” button!

Remember, you’re doing it for your crowd whom you love dearly (despite the earth-shattering ragequits you may experience.)

3 Tips When Choosing an Idea for Your Subathon

  1. First and foremost, pick the subgoals that you think would be fun to do. Exciting subgoals not only builds hype, but also gives you something to look forward to.And like every marathon, you’ll need all the energy you can get!
  2. Second, do what the top streamers are doing and innovate. Staying up-to-date with what the best are doing on the platform keeps you informed on what people want to see.Drop by their subathons, do your research, and check their posts and see if you put your own spin on their stuff to match your brand.

    Keep on growing, and adapt around the Twitch meta when you can. You’ll stay relevant as you garner more clicks.

  3. Last advice to all grasshoppers out there is to NOT overdo it. Sure, 10 push-ups for every sub sounds doable, but over a 24-hour stream with no sleep?There’s such a thing as too eager, and what you want is to find the sweet spot.

    It’s important to maintain pacing to avoid total exhaustion before the subathon ends. Set boundaries, and keep the fun safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Subathon On Twitch?

A subathon, or subscriber marathon, is a type of longform entertainment wherein a Twitch stream’s duration is increased by each new subscriber that comes in by set increments of time. The added time may depend on which tier new people subscribe in.

What Is Ludwig’s Subathon?


Ludwig Ahgren, once only among the top 11 streamers of Twitch, held the first Subathon which sent him to the number one spot. It lasted for 31 days, and was able to garner 300,000 concurrent viewers. He broke the record for the most subscribed streamer in April 2020, beating Ninja.

What Is A Time-capped Subathon?

A time-capped subathon is a streaming marathon that may last from hours to days depending on how many people subscribe, but has a set timer for when the stream must end.

This is usually used to set a hard time limit so that the stream does not become disruptive to the streamer’s lifestyle.


Remember to set proper expectations with your community when you announce the date of your subathon, and to get plenty of rest beforehand! Buy your favorite energy drinks, have food prepared when you can, and just have fun with it!

As a last piece of advice, ask if your mods can help carry the show in the last few hours when you’re running on fumes. They deserve some spotlight too!

Growth on the platform is hard, we totally get it! If you’ve racked your brain trying to think of activities to not only entertain your fans but also get more people watching, we hope that this list of totally doable subathon ideas will get the ball rolling!

Also, if you’re interested in some general sub goal ideas outside of your subathon, check these out.

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