Have you ever wanted to travel the world? If you have, then you should consider checking out the IRL section on Twitch.

IRL, short for “in real life,” streamers will take you along for the ride during their adventures. By watching their streams, you can partake in their daily lives and see the outside world without leaving your home.

To make it easy for you, we have gathered the top 16 IRL Twitch streamers you can follow to explore the world together.

1. Hitch



First on our list is Hitch, also known as Trevor, a 28-year-old hitchhiker from Vancouver Island, Canada. He is known for hitchhiking through 37 countries and getting over 1800 rides. Trevor started hitchhiking when he was just a 19-year-old college student.

When he was 24 years old, he proceeded to go on journeys such as traveling across America purely through hitchhiking. Currently, his dedication knows no bounds as he tandem cycles from France to TwitchCon Amsterdam with his partner, Sarah.

2. Jaystreazy



Jaystreazy is a Twitch streamer who has been traveling full-time since 2019. He mainly travels to experience different cultures, explore countries, and meet new people. Some countries that he has traveled to include Thailand, Vietnam, and currently India.

He has traveled to 17 countries, yet his goal is to travel to 100 countries. His stream is a go-to place to check out the local cuisine, tourist attractions, and culture across different countries.

3. Joeykaotyk



As he shows the world’s different cultures, Joey Kaotyk is a professional B-boy (breakdancer) and IRL streamer for NRG. He was born in Taiwan and raised in the United States. Recently, he has been traveling across several Asian countries such as Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Despite traveling, he still practices his breakdancing by challenging fellow breakdancers and teaching other people. His outgoing personality and charm make him a must-watch IRL streamer as he takes us along his journey of traveling and breakdancing.

4. SoFloWildlife



Not all IRL streamers travel across the world. Drew, the host of SoFloWildlife, is a marine biologist who takes his viewers on fishing trips across South Florida. With his Master’s Degree from the University of Miami, he shares his knowledge about marine life and wildlife stories with his community.

He also supports scientific research that helps protect the environment. If you ever want to chill and enjoy the shores of Florida, then visit Drew’s channel!

5. Cjayride



Cjayride is an IRL streamer who shares his crazy adventures with his community. He is mainly known for skateboarding and streaming his everyday life. Currently, he is living in Taipei, but previously he’s lived in many countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, and China.

He also plays video games on his stream from time to time. Despite all of this, CJ was subject to controversy during his time in Taiwan. He was seen littering several times and committing other minor indiscretions. Afterward, CJ apologized for his actions and behavior. Today, he continues to stream his life in Taipei.

6. KarenAndShada



The first couple of the list, despite their small following, continues to travel the world. Karen and Shada are a Mexican couple who decided to leave everything and see what the world had to offer. Since 2019, they have visited several European and Asian countries.

They had many memorable moments, such as riding the longest train ever and kissing near the deepest lake in the world. Even though they stopped uploading on YouTube, they continue to stream on Twitch.

7. Rellik



Remember Hitch, the first streamer on this list? During one of his hitchhikes, one of the people who gave him a ride was Rellik. Twitch streamer Rellik is widely known for exploring abandoned buildings all across America. Recently, he took the courage to explore an abandoned factory and an abandoned school.

He would also sometimes dress up in a clown costume and take on the persona of Rellik the Clown. As of writing this, he has plans to explore the most haunted hospital in America on July 29th – so be sure to tune in for that.

8. Murda



If you are into drag racing and cars, then Murda is the right streamer for you. Murda, or “Unique” – his real-life name, is a streamer who does IRL drag racing, car meets, and car shows.

He is also the world record holder of having the fastest street-legal Lexus IS 300. Along with his racing streams, Murda also streams video games once in a while to balance it out. Murda is the go-to streamer on Twitch for anything car-related.

9. Jinnytty



Jinnytty is an IRL streamer from South Korea known for her adventures vlogging and doing song covers. She got nominated for the “Best IRL Streamer” award at The Streamer Awards, and she also does a lot of gaming on her channel. During her early years on Twitch, she used to play Hearthstone.

Since transitioning into a variety channel, she now streams to more audiences. She also underwent several controversies, such as making transphobic comments – causing Twitch to suspend her for a few hours. Still, Jinnytty realized her mistakes and apologized publicly. She is currently doing a subathon in Europe.

10. TheRealShooKon3



ShooKon3 is an IRL streamer who is known for his racing videos. He’s also traveled to several places, which he vlogged and uploaded to his YouTube channel – ModCity.

Back in the day, he was also a musician performing in music festivals along with the late Mac Miller, Fetty Wap, and Logic. As of now, he is on day 14 of doing a subathon on Frasier Island.

11. BurgerPlanet



Josh McCutchen, better known as Burger Planet, is a Twitch streamer who does IRL content such as music and interviews. He mainly performs through street concerts and interviews by asking random strangers.

However, Burger Planet has been a target of hate for quite some time. His behavior is constantly getting questioned by the Twitch community. He also had drama with a fellow streamer, Boneclinks. Despite all of this, he continues to stream regularly on Twitch.

12. Boneclinks



After mentioning him, it is only fair that we give him a spot on this list. Twitch streamer Boneclinks mainly does IRL and gaming content on his channel. Lately, he has been playing a lot of Starcraft II and Raft.

He also recently went to Universal Studios and Disneyland. Despite his controversy with Burger Planet, he considers himself reformed. Since he still streams on Twitch, you can stop by his channel whenever he goes live.

13. Robcdee



Another Best IRL Streamer nominee, Rob – better known as robcdee- is an English-born Australian who does IRL streams in Japan. He loves to show people the world through his streams.

Mainly, he does a lot of exploring and cycling in Japan. He also tries a lot of their local cuisine in his streams. Overall, robcdee is the best streamer to watch if you want content in Japan.

14. JakenbakeLIVE



JakenBakeLIVE is a Twitch streamer who loves to document his life and travels. He is the last Best IRL streamer nominee on this list. His streaming career started when he moved to Japan to study Japanese.

Now, he has visited multiple countries like Singapore, China, and America. Sometimes he also plays video games such as World of Warcraft and Valorant. Currently, you can watch him explore Seoul with his friends.

15. FinaoLive



Another fishing-oriented streamer, Austin, or “Finao,” takes us on his ventures as he captures giant fish. He also became a guest on multiple fishing TV shows and YouTube channels.

It was only natural since you can feel his passion when he teaches and shows us the world of fishing on his stream. You can watch him live on his Twitch channel as he tries to catch sharks and other fish.

16. Awkwards_Travel



Finally, the last IRL streamer on this list is another couple. Join Tallulah and Gaspard, collectively known as “Awkwards Travel,” as they travel the world. They’ve visited several countries like Thailand, Italy, and others.

In fact, as of now, they are currently in Budapest. Their stream is a combination of both adventure and love as they explore the world together. You can check them out and join their travels on their Twitch channel.

That was all of them! Hopefully, you got to know a lot of new IRL streamers. Even though they are streaming the same category, they all bring different content for you to watch. If you have any other favorite IRL streamers that are not on the list, leave us a comment below!

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