KEKW Meaning

KEKW (pronounced Kehck W) is an extremely popular Twitch emote used to convey not only laughter but hysterical laughter in the event of something overtly hilarious. It is a zoomed-in picture of comedian and actor, Juan Joya Borja, or better known as the “Spanish laughing guy”.

KEKW Origin

The image originates from an interview in June 2007, where Borja was being interviewed by host Jesus Quintero on the program Ratones Coloraos. At one point during the interview Borja breaks out into hysterical laughter while telling a story about one of his old jobs.

This particular clip has made its rounds across the internet. Before it became a emote the video would be shown with subtitles talking about various subjects lining up the subtitles with his laughing fits.

It wasn’t until August 21st, 2019, when it was uploaded to FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension by user Keesual, officializing its creation as an emote. It didn’t take long for the emote to catch on, as it had already been a meme previously.

It wasn’t until popular meme streamers such as AdmiralBulldog and the infamous xQc. Once they got a hold of it, it was over and soon it became an extremely prominent emote.


Your fav streamer pulls off some of the funniest stuff you’ve seen in a while making you audibly laugh and not just blow air through your nose. This is the moment KEKW was made for.

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