Give us 2 minutes of your time and you’ll be walking away with knowing how to make your text scroll in OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS!

Having moving text can be useful for a number of reasons while you’re streaming. If you’re trying to get that news ticker effect for your text in OBS then this is the guide for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn how to do after finishing this tutorial:

Scrolling Text In OBS

Be sure to read the added tips at the bottom of this article for even more control over your scrolling text.

Scrolling Text In OBS & Streamlabs OBS

Since Streamlabs OBS is built off of OBS Studio, these steps will work for you no matter which app you’re using.

Here are the steps for adding scrolling text to OBS:

1. Under the sources panel, right click > add > Text (GDI+) and name it something that’s easily identifiable among your other sources.

2. Now you’ll be in the Text source properties. This is where you can add your text and modify its appearance by changing the font, color, background, etc.

3. Click Ok once you’ve added your text.

4. To make the text scroll now, right click on the text source and click Filters.

5. In the Filters window, click the plus (+) icon at the bottom left, and select Scroll.

6. Modify the horizontal speed values to make your text scroll left to right or vice versa. And modify the vertical speed values to make your text scroll up and down.

Make sure the Loop box is checked if you want your text to continuously scroll in your OBS scene.

Hit Close to save your changes, and you’ll now see your text is scrolling!

Adding Space Between Your Text

If you don’t want the end and beginning of your text to be so squished together while they scroll, you can simply hit spacebar a bunch after your text in the text properties window.

Or click on your text source and you’ll see your text right above the Scene Transitions and Controls panels (see screenshot below) and you can edit it from there.

Text Scroll Across the Screen Without Increasing Text Size

If you want your text to scroll across your entire screen from one side to the other in OBS without having to make your text larger then you can use these methods:

Adding space

Just like the spacebar method above, you can continue adding spaces after your text until your text window spans across your entire screen.

This might become a little awkward if you have multiple texts though, so try this next method.

Custom Text Extents

In your text source properties (right click the text source > properties) scroll all the way down and check the Use Custom Text Extents box.

Now play around with the Width and Height numbers to get the perfect fit for your screen and font size. And don’t forget about the cropping feature in OBS if you can’t get the numbers 100% accurate.

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