No doubt, you’ve come across people on Twitch who have checkmarks next to their names. You could have seen it on their profiles and channels – or you could have encountered them in someone’s chat.

No matter how you encountered your first checkmark, for sure you may have started wondering how you, too, could get verified on Twitch.

Unfortunately, there are a few steps involved in getting that coveted checkmark. It takes quite a lot of hard work and, in most cases, a very long time to achieve.

A verified badge essentially means you are a Twitch partner, and to get partnered, you have a long road ahead.

Start Streaming

In order for you to get partnered with Twitch, you need to go through a few hoops first. First and foremost, getting partnered means that you have to be streaming – so make sure that you get started on your channel!

There are so many tips and guides for how to start streaming on Twitch, all you need to do is make sure you start somewhere and try not to become overwhelmed.

Getting Affiliate

The first milestone for a Twitch streamer is getting affiliated. Reaching this milestone is not impossible, and can often go by quickly if you play your cards right.

To get affiliated, you must:

  1. Stream for a minimum of 500 minutes
  2. Have streamed at least 7 times in the last month (30 days) – must be on unique days
  3. Obtain 50 followers
  4. Have an average of 3 concurrent viewers within the past month

If you can meet all of these requirements, you can get affiliated in as quickly as 7 days. Affiliate grants you the ability to make money on Twitch – you can start getting subs and bit donations, as well as emote slots!

Getting Partnered

Although it may seem like getting affiliate on Twitch is easy, the same cannot be said about getting partnered.

Obtaining that glorious verified badge takes a ton of work, and for many, it can be a long grind that takes years.

To get partnered, you need to meet several milestones:

  1. Stream for a minimum of 25 hours in the past 30 days
  2. Stream on 12 different days in the last month

These two requirements are extremely easy – just stream often enough, right? What’s so hard about getting partnered?

Well, when you factor in the fact that you need an average of 75 concurrent viewers in the past 30 days, that’s when things get rough.

Meet all of these requirements and make sure you follow Twitch Terms of Service and you get a chance to apply for partner.

Getting partnered is not guaranteed even if you meet all of the requirements – Twitch will decide whether your stream meets their community guidelines, provides value to viewers, and truly meets requirements.

Only then will you get your checkmark. But don’t worry, if you get declined, you can reapply!

Tips for Getting Verified

There are so many tips and guides out there for helping you to get partnered, but the truth is your mileage may vary. It all depends on your current situation, the game you are streaming, and the community you are building.

But in general, these tips may just help:

  1. Set a schedule and remain consistent so viewers know when they can expect to watch you.
  2. Set rules and enforce them in your community, and remember to always follow Twitch ToS.
  3. Choose a smaller game to stream regularly until you become partner, as this allows you more chances to get seen. Otherwise, you might opt to stream variety (but expect partner to take a while this way).
  4. Network and make friends with other streamers. Welcoming others into your community and having other streamers share you with their communities can make a big difference.
  5. Do your best to always provide value to your viewers and your community.

Now you know how to get verified on Twitch!

It’s a long journey, but if you’re in it for the right reasons, then you’ll enjoy every step of the way.

Good luck, and happy streaming. 🙂

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