Over the last couple of years, live streaming has become increasingly popular. For streaming, streaming software is the most crucial element. It is the host of how your gaming stream will look on YouTube, Twitch, or any other platform.

With streaming software, you can choose the scenes, select your video and audio inputs, set up stream introductory and ending scenes, and more.

Hence, choosing the right streaming software that meets your requirements and offers you the flexibility to do almost anything possible to stream the correct output is essential.

So how do you choose the right streaming software for gaming content? This guide is here to help you out:

What to Look For in Gaming Streaming Software?

Compatibility With Popular Gaming Platforms

First, check if the software is compatible with popular gaming platforms. For instance, if you stream content on YouTube, ensure that the software can be integrated. That way you won’t have any issues streaming your game.

Additionally, many streamers stream on multiple platforms at once. Choosing a streaming software that can comfortably stream on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook may be helpful.

Also, it leaves room for a little flexibility and allows you to stream to other platforms apart from your primary platform at a later date if needed.

Quality of Video and Audio Output

The second most important thing about any streaming software is its audio and video output quality, as these two are the main elements of a perfect live stream. If your live stream software can’t deliver the right video or audio output, your audience won’t enjoy your stream and may stop watching it.

The audio quality also depends on what microphone you use, as well as the streaming software’s inbuilt video and audio settings.

User-Friendly Interface

Finally, it would be best to look for something easy to understand and start with. As you know, streaming software is extremely complicated to use and has a learning curve. So as a streamer, you want something easy to use and manage when you are streaming to give your audience a smooth viewing experience.

On top of that, you should also opt for software with essential features like chat integration, customization, audio and video output from multiple sources, and more. As a result, you can always upgrade how you stream if you ever need to do so.

Top Streaming Software for Gamers – EaseUS RecExperts

Streaming Software for Gamers

Now you might be wondering what would be the best streaming software for gamers, as there are many options. We have picked the EaseUS RecExperts tool to make it easy for you.

This is the go-to tool that you need for creating any content as a gaming content creator. The tool lets you capture any region on the PC screen with your audio or webcam. Plus, you can record all the 2D/3D gameplay highlights without lagging so you can create stream highlights and share them with your audience.

Furthermore, it also comes with an embedded video editor and media player. It will be super easy for you to edit and share your videos immediately and it comes with some advanced features like schedule recording, unlimited time recording, and more.

However, to help you know more about the software in brief, let’s talk about the features:

Features & Benefits

Screen Recorder

One of the best features that EaseUS RecExperts has is its screen recording tool. It is a powerful tool that can record almost anything on your screen with great detail.

As a content creator, you want to capture and share your gameplay with others. For that, this tool comes in handy. You can also easily capture online meeting calls, presentations, or live videos streaming on YouTube or Twitch.

You can record your whole screen, select a region for recording or schedule your recording. Even it also supports multi-screen recording.

Webcam Recording

You can also record videos using your webcam. The tool can help you record your screen and webcam simultaneously. This can be useful for making tutorial videos, presentations, and more.

It also saves a lot of your time by allowing you to use your webcam for your gameplay videos. There is no need to capture your face using any other camera and add it to your video while editing it.

When you record yourself through a webcam, you can record internal sound, the microphone, or without any sound. Plus, it has advanced green screen technology to add a virtual background.

Audio Recording

This tool supports audio recording. It doesn’t matter if you want to record audio from YouTube or capture some streaming audio; EaseUS RecExperts got your back.

You can also mute your recording without muting the recording file. So it will be super easy for you to record your videos, and you will need to spend less time on the recording table.

Screen Capture

EaseUS RecExperts also supports screen capture. You can use this feature to capture the whole or part of your screen instantly. Any activity on your screen can be captured with a hotkey. After capturing the screenshot, it will be automatically saved to the recording list. It supports screen capturing, such as full screen, a scrolling webpage, a window, or any area of the PC screen to edit the image.

Streaming Video Recorder

One cool feature of this tool is the streaming video recorder. Using this, you can record encrypted videos online. For instance, this tool would be helpful if you want to record encrypted videos streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or YouTube.

Video Editor & Video Cutter

Finally, RecExperts also offers a video editor and cutter for quick video editing. It is a basic video editing tool that is extremely easy to use. You can use it for cutting your videos, merging them, rotating footage, and so on. You can also do frame-by-frame advanced options to refine your video clips by frame drawing and trip your recording videos.

Pros & Cons Of EaseUS RecExperts


  • Supports webcam and audio recording along with screen recording.
  • Advanced green screen technology.
  • Record your entire screen or a part of it.
  • Supports encrypted video recording.


  • The video editing tool is pretty basic.

How to Set Up Your Gaming Stream?

A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting up Streaming Software

Now the question is, how to use EaseUS RecExpert? Well, using the software is pretty straightforward. However, you would need a paid plan to enjoy the tool to its full potential. Fortunately, it comes with affordable price plans.

To use the software, follow the below steps:

  • First, download and install EaseUS RecExperts on your PC by following all the onscreen steps.
  • Once installed, launch the tool.
  • On EaseUS RecExperts, you will find different options on the sidebar, such as record screens, gameplay, or premium content.

  • To record a gameplay video, go to the Gamepad icon and then select the game you wish to record.
  • Click on Webcam and sound to adjust your video and audio input settings.
  • Finally, click on the Rec button to start recording your videos.

Tips for Optimizing Your Stream for the Best Quality

There are certainly some key areas you can work on to improve your stream quality and enjoy a better audience retention rate. These key areas are:

  • Use High-Speed Internet: Make sure to use high-speed internet. If your stream lags while you are broadcasting, your audience will have an awful experience and may stop watching your stream.
  • Use A High-Quality Microphone: After the video, the audio quality matters the most. Make sure you have a good microphone so your audience can hear you.
  • Use Good Streaming Software: Make sure to use good streaming software which can help you broadcast your video smoothly and has additional features to make your stream stand out.

Best Practices for Creating a Professional-Looking Stream

  • Use Graphics: While setting up your stream, use different graphics, overlays, intro and outro music, and other elements to make your stream more engaging. Plus, it helps to add your brand to your streams.
  • Improve Your Webcam: If you are streaming using your webcam, make sure your background has enough light and cool effects.
  • Set Up Alerts: You can also set up different alerts for your stream. For example, if someone donates to you, your stream will be alerted.


EaseUs RecExperts is one of the best gaming streaming software out there. It allows you to record high-quality footage and easily edit or share it with your audience. Plus, it has no learning curve to it. So creating videos is a pretty easy job with EaseUS RecExperts.

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