If you frequently watch streams on Twitch, you know how annoying ads can be. They drop in unannounced, and often at the worst possible times (thanks Murphy’s law). Plus, most of them are 30-seconds long, which may seem like an eternity in intense situations.

There are numerous routes you can take to get rid of the ads on Twitch, but not all of them are efficient.

We’ll talk about what works and what doesn’t, and in no time you will learn how to get an ad free streaming experience! Let’s block ads on Twitch!

The 4 Types of Ads on Twitch

Twitch has 4 types of ads, which is why some ad blockers don’t work completely. We can distinguish between banners, PPC, promotional, and pre-roll ads.

  • Banners: These boys are the easiest to get rid of and any ad blocker will suffice. If you are using Opera or Firefox, you can even disable them in settings.
  • Pre-roll: Pre-roll ads appear right before you start watching the desired stream or video on YouTube. They can be disabled by most ad blockers.
  • PPC: Also known as pay-per-click, these are the ads Twitch itself puts into streams. Some ad blockers can’t disable them, so make sure you use ones on this list.
  • Promotions: These are types of ads that are sponsored by advertisers and activated by streamers. Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a way to block them.

What Doesn’t Work

Twitch is constantly improving its defenses, and some ad blockers that used to work are now obsolete. You will need to get one that has https filtering, as this is used for blocking PPC ads.

Another thing that doesn’t work anymore is Twitch Prime (see how to cancel your Twitch Prime here). This is a premium membership available to the users of Amazon Prime, that stopped blocking ads in October 2018. To get the same feature today, you will have to switch to Twitch Turbo.

Methods – Twitch AdBlocks

Twitch Turbo

Twitch Turbo is a monthly subscription package that will block all ads on the platform. Aside from ad-free experience, you will also get 2 sets of emoticons, exclusive badges, and custom chat colors that will help you stand out.

Twitch Turbo will cost you $8.99 per month. Although it’s a solid deal, it can get expensive in the long run.

Alternatively, you can also subscribe to your favorite streamer, which will block ads, but only on his/her channel.

Adblock Plus

This is one of the most popular adblocker extensions around and it works well for ads on Twitch. You can set it up in a few easy steps.

Go to Adblock PlusClick Download and Select Your Browser

Adblock Plus is available for all popular web browsers.

This will take you to the specified web store where installation can proceed.

Add Extension

After you add it to your browser, the extension is automatically activated.

Set up Preferences (Optional)

AdBlock is flexible, and you can choose to allow ads on specific Twitch channels while ignoring others. This is a good way to show the support for ones you appreciate.

uBlock (Origin)

uBlock Origin is another effective adblocker available on both Windows and Mac OS. It supports all popular browsers and is very quick. To get it simply…

Visit uBlock Origin

Click Add uBlock

This will redirect you to your default web store.

Install the Extension

You may need to restart your browser, although this is usually not required.

How to Block Twitch Ads on Mobile


If you are an Android user, your best bet is to access Twitch via browser and not the official Twitch app. That’s because blocking ads in the app requires https filtering feature, which is something most ad blockers don’t have.

If you still decide to use Twitch’s official app, your best option for blocking ads on Android is AdLock.

Visit AdLock

While AdLock for Android is free, they also have an affordable plan for up to 5 Android devices.

Follow 3 Simple Steps

Enable HTTPS Filtering


iOS systems are even more rigorous. You can install ad blockers on Safari, but can’t block ads from within the native app. The iOS architecture is built in a way to reflect Apple’s policy, which has 0 tolerance for this kind of behavior.

Luckily, streaming from the browser is not detrimental to your viewing pleasure. AdGuard is one of the best ad blockers you can find on iOS and it also lets you manually block ads. Although you need a subscription for it, it is still cheaper than Twitch Turbo.

Go to AdGuard

… and get the 14 day-trial version. Follow the instructions on the download page to successfully install it.

Enable AdGuard on Safari

Simply go to your iOS Settings and turn on Safari’s Content Blocker.

When Ad Blockers Don’t Work

Since Twitch is always looking for new ways to disable adblock software, it is possible that yours will eventually stop working. While some problems can be fixed by simply refreshing the browser, others require different measures. Here is what you can do to fix them.

1. Update Software

Twitch is constantly changing how they insert commercials to confuse ad blockers. You’ll want your blocker to be up to date, so you have the latest algorithms that filter ad scripts.

2. Make Sure It’s Enabled

Since some sites won’t let you access them if they notice you have an adblocker, you might have disabled it to save yourself a hassle.

3. Try a Different Adblocker

There are quite a few ad blockers on the market you can install before calling it quits. AdBlocker Ultimate and Popper Blocker are what first comes to mind.

4. Change Browser

Sometimes, the problem may lie in the browser itself. While Firefox and Chrome are most popular, there are a ton of options, some of which offer more privacy and run faster. Brave is a an excellent example and it comes with a built-in adblocker.

How to Support Streamers

Like it or not, by blocking your ads you’ve affected your streamers steady flux of income. It’s a good thing then that there are a number of ways you can support them, without relying on mind-numbing and repetitive commercials.

1. Get a Subscription

Subscribing is one of the most popular ways in which you can help your streamer. This is a monthly donation program that consists of 3 tiers: $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99.

Twitch Partners and Affiliates usually get 50% of the money, but if you are donating to a popular streamer they will acquire anywhere from 60 to 100%. There are numerous features you can get for subscribing, such as emotes, badges, exclusive chatrooms, and an ad-free experience.

In case you’ve activated Twitch Prime, you can choose one free subscription every month. This way, you will still finance your favorite streamer without actually paying. Basically, it’s a win-win!

2. Make a Donation

You can always do a one-off donation, and the upshot is that all the proceeds go to the streamer. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about recurring fees you’d get from subscribing. There’s also no limit to how much you can donate, which is cool.

3. Create Promotional Material

Money is not the only way in which you can be supportive. If you are into design, you can create stream graphics like a webcam overlay or even a cool logo for your favorite streamer. If you don’t know how to help, you can always ask them.

Inviting your friends to watch Twitch streams is another way you can help them get more views. Also, spreading positive messages through chat will make sure everyone has a good time, which will make people want to come back.

Another excellent way to promote them is by sharing the best moments from the stream using Twitch’s clip feature. Turns out, it’s not that hard to learn basic video editing, and you will also learn a valuable skill that can be useful later in life.

And there you have it! Just a few simple methods for blocking ads on Twitch, whether you’re watching from your desktop, mobile, or even the Twitch app.

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