LULW Meaning

LULW is the undistorted version of the OMEGALUL Twitch emote. This was created first and has a highly disputed claim war when it was first created. It is an image of John “Totalbiscuit” Bain having a good laugh about something off-screen. It is mostly used for something extremely exciting or funny.

LULW Origin

The origin of LULW is the image of the face of John “Totalbiscuit” Bain having a happy expression during Major League Gaming Anaheim. This image was then clipped and then became a popular image.

Then in 2014, Totalbiscuit used “Cynicallaugh’s” version of a cropped image as a sub notification. The emote cycled around his community for a while but never reached any sort of popularity until 2017.

Then, since its increased popularity, it has become not only a universal Twitch emote, but a widely used emote across the entire of Twitch.


Much like OMEGALUL, if your fav streamer does something that makes you actually laugh irl, you know chat’s going to be spamming LULW.

Emote Source

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