OMEGALUL (pronounced oh-may-guh lawl)is an extremely popular emote that is used universally across Twitch. It is an image of John “TotalBiscuit” Bain screaming, that has been stretched from the center to resemble a circle. It is used to convey extreme laughter or hilarity.


OMEGALUL originates from the LUL emote and it is just a stretched version of it. The distortion is used to convey a heightened emotional response to whatever is happening during the stream. The image originates from a clip of TotalBiscuit laughing. From there it was turned into the LUL emote. And then the LUL emote was then edited into the OMEGALUL.

TotalBiscuit originally made the LUL emote for his stream, but for reasons unknown a photographer DMCA’d the image and had it taken down temporarily.

Even though it was eventually put back onto Twitch, TotalBiscuit created the OMEGALUL emote. It was semi-popular due to TotalBiscuit’s influence, but it never took off across the platform.

Unfortunately, TotalBiscuit lost his fight with cancer in mid-2018. This is when the emote took off due to his legacy and the news of his passing. Now, it is an extremely used emote due to its history as well as the emotions it conveys.


A streamer sets up and executes the perfect joke or performance for his chat. It is almost guaranteed that his chat is going to spam OMEGALUL.

OMEGALUL Transparent PNG

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