If you spend enough time on Twitch, you start hearing a lot of different words which don’t really make sense unless you know their appropriate meaning.

Malding is one of those Twitch culture words, and today we will explain what it means!

What Does Malding Mean?

The word malding is a combination of two other words: “mad” and “balding”. Originally the term was used for people that were balding and also got mad on stream often – they were malding. In time though the term became more universal and is not necessarily tied to a receding hairline.

Based on this you can probably guess what the word is used for on Twitch, and which situations can trigger its usage in chats.

Nowadays a lot of people on Twitch use the term malding to simply describe someone that gets extremely angry while streaming. Moreover, sometimes the term is used to describe someone that is SO angry that he will literally start balding soon from the stress.

Overall the term is pretty universal in its uses and can be applied to many situations where someone is getting excessively angry.

Malding Example

Lets check out a live example of some glorious malding in action:

Origin of Malding

Although as with many Twitch trends there is no specific way to pinpoint when and where the word malding started being used first, we do know how it got popular on Twitch and became part of Twitch culture slang.

This is due to our great friend Forsen, a legendary Swedish Twitch streamer that singlehandedly has created so many Twitch words and trends that it is hard to count them all.

Forsen’s chat is known for being super meme-oriented and creating and popularizing a lot of emotes that would eventually sweep over the entirety of the Twitch community (ex: ForsenE emote).

It seems that in the case of malding the same thing happened, with the word being picked up by Forsen’s community and being spammed enough to gain tracking on its own.

So what have we learned today? If you want to be cool and not oust yourself as a boomer on Twitch, you don’t say “stop getting angry”, you say “stop malding KEKW”.

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