Although Twitch is all about communicating in chats and having fun with a bunch of people at once, sometimes you might want a little 1 on 1 private discussion with a certain individual, and this is where knowing how to send whispers on Twitch comes in handy.

Whispers are convenient since you do not have to be in the same chat to talk to each other, and the conversation can be about whatever you want, without having to worry about fitting in the overall conversation a chat is holding.

Whispers are also not necessarily the most popular amongst gamers, since once again, chat interaction is much more vibrant, and it seems that for private discussions gamers use other platforms such as Discord more.

Sending Whispers on Twitch Desktop

Well, how do you even go about whispering someone on Twitch then? There are a couple of popular options and we shall discuss all of them!

Whisper Button

The easiest way to send someone a Whisper on Twitch is through the Whisper button! Unexpected right?

You can find this button in the top right corner of your Twitch page.

From there you either click on one of the pre-existing chats or look for the person you want to Whisper. Simple as that.

Whispers Through Chat

Although counterintuitive, you can actually send Whispers to people through the public chatbox.

This is done by typing /w @username and then whatever is the message you had for that person.

Be careful when using this method though, since if the command is typed wrong, the entirety of the chat you are in will see what you tried to keep private!

Whispers Through Chat Username

If you and the person you want to Whisper is in the same chat, a quick way to access the Whispers menu is to simply click on their username in chat, and from the new menu, click on the Whisper button.

Sending Whispers on Twitch Mobile

Whispers on Twitch mobile operate pretty much in the same way as Whispers on desktop devices, which makes them easy to use on both platforms.

Whisper Button

To find the Whispers menu on mobile simply look in the top right corner of your Twitch app and select the Whispers icon.

From there you can start a Whisper the same way you would on a desktop.

Whispers Through Chat Username

Once again, just like on a desktop device, if you are in the same chat as the person you want to Whisper, all you have to do is tap their username and select Whisper from the following menu.

This will allow you to speak privately which is a nice change of pace from regular Twitch chats.


Q: How to turn off whispers on Twitch?

A: You cannot completely disable Whispers on the Twitch platform, but you can make it so only people on your friend list can Whisper you.

To do so, go to your account security settings and select the following option:

Q: How to delete whisper messages on Twitch?

A: Currently, there is no way to delete a Whisper message that has been sent, so you should only text things that you will not regret later!

The only other way to get rid of a conversation is to block the person on Twitch you are talking to, but that is a completely different story.

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