When you think of Twitch, I’m sure the first thing to come to mind is gaming. But back in early 2021, a new contender splashed onto the scene, the Hot Tub Meta.

Working around Twitch TOS loopholes (Twitch does not allow sexually explicit content or nudity), a handful of female streamers began streaming in inflatable pools wearing bikinis in the Just Chatting section.

Seeing this as a way to gain viewers quickly, more and more hot tub streams started popping up, and the Hot Tub Meta was born. Twitch has even made a new category to house these streamers called “Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches.”

So who are these ladies who can’t get enough of the water? Here are the Top 10 Hot Tub Streamers on Twitch:

1. Amouranth


4.8 Million Followers

As the second most followed female streamer on Twitch, Kaitlyn Siragusa aka Amouranth, is one woman you’ve likely already heard of.

Initially starting her career as a cosplayer and costume designer, Amouranth’s streams consist of hot tubs (of course), ASMR, playing Twister, dance, gaming and chatting with her viewers.

She was one of the first streamers to get in on the hot tub trend and has had her fair share of drama as a result. In May 2021, she tweeted out saying Twitch had suspended ad revenue from her channel with no prior warning and called Twitch out for their confusing ToS.

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2. TheNicoleT



Nicole aka TheNicoleT is a 22-year-old college grad with a degree in Digital Technology & Culture and Strategic COM. In addition to hot tub streams, she also does cooking, ASMR, gaming, and chatting with her viewers in the Just Chatting section.

In December 2020, Nicole was talking on the phone to her mom live on stream. Her mom hilariously advised her to “keep your clothes on!” Unfortunately for Nicole’s mom, the hot tub meta started shortly after. Sorry Mom!

3. spoopykitt



Annie Tapia aka spoopykitt is a variety streamer making the most of the Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches category. She is usually wearing a new bikini every stream, and has collected over 100 of them!

She’s been a Twitch partner for 2 years now, and her hobbies include cosplay and hula hooping which she does on stream. Impressive! You can also check out some of her cosplays on her Twitter here.

4. xoAeriel



Variety streamer xoAeriel just might be the source of the infamous Hot Tub Meta. She said she bought a blow up pool for some different content back in December 2020, and the whole thing took off from there.

Her views went up substantially and she now has 238k followers.

Her streams usually consist of chatting with her viewers, as well as hanging out with fellow streamer TheNicoleT, who is mentioned above.

But streaming from a hot tub isn’t all this blonde beauty has to offer. She’s an avid gamer and enjoys Fortnite, Call of Duty, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Mario. She also has 3 dogs and 4 hermit crabs who live with her in California.

5. AuroraStarr



If you’re a fan of amazing makeup looks and cool bikinis, check out AuroraStarr! You can usually find her lounging in her blow-up pool and chatting with her viewers.

She also does cooking and gaming streams, playing New World and 7 Days to Die most recently. Her Twitter bio claims “she’s fueled by coffee and THC”, which is something I’m sure a lot of us can relate to!

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6. kjanecaron



This streamer loves to take her viewers with her on her travels! As the self proclaimed “Queen of NYC IRL” you can see her hanging out poolside at various locations. This New Yorker even has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

She recently became a full-time streamer, and you can find her streaming IRL, cooking, doing gymnastics and even at EDM events.

7. SpookyUnagi



This funny and creative streamer loves art, the gym, music and dance. Her streams usually consist of a lounging on a variety of different food floaties in her blow up pool. She also does art on stream, as well as Pokémon card unboxing and gaming.

If you’re looking for some chaotic good energy, check out SpookyUnagi!

8. EmmaLayne



Emma, aka EmmaLayne, is a streamer to watch if you like variety! Her schedule ranges from working out during the week, to cooking and hot tub streams on the weekend.

She’s also a cosplayer and gamer, and likes playing horror, survival and Battle Royale games the most.

There’s a little bit of everything when you tune into Emma’s stream!

9. Alterielle



Alterielle is a Mexican variety streamer who currently lives in Mexico. She mainly does hot tub streams and ASMR, but also does dancing and cooking.

Her LED pool and fairy lit backdrop gives us all the cozy vibes!

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10. Katya_Lyutik



Katya_Lyutik is a 22-year-old streamer from Kyiv/Ukraine. She’s a relatively new streamer, having just started this year. She seems to be doing well and already has 14k followers!

Her streams mostly consist of hot tubbing and chatting with her viewers while trying to improve her English.

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