By this point in time, everyone knows or has heard about Twitch. What many don’t know is how diverse the Twitch community is.

With that said, we would like to take the spotlight and shine it on a part of the community that some know of, but many aren’t familiar with, which is the 420-friendly streamers.

With the spotlight on, we will be highlighting the Top 15 Stoner Twitch Streamers (ranked in no particular order) and giving you a quick inside look at what you could expect from tuning in to one of their streams.

1. Kaceytron

Kaceytron is a woman of many talents. Not only is she known for her competitive gaming past in the world of Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, but she is also working on her degree in computers and massage therapy.

This ambitious woman is able to build computers and websites by hand, while also building a rich, all-inclusive streaming community. She keeps things real, which transpires to those who fill her streams chat.

To top things off, Kaceytron recently broke the record for highest subathon. It goes to show that Kaceytron is one streamer that you would be dumb to pass up on subscribing to.

2. Pokelawls

With an impressive 8 years of being a full-time streamer under his belt, Pokelawls has created an online community that you could easily tune into and blaze up while having a grand time.

Pokelawls has made an impressive name for himself within the Twitch streaming community, even getting to meet famous rapper Lil Uzi. When he is not playing GTA V, you can find him streaming YouTube and newer based games.

Tune into one of his streams, and you’ll quickly feel like one of his close homies who was invited to the smoke sesh.

3. Summit1g

Summit1g has been in the streaming game for nearly a decade. This confident gamer is a big fan of first person shooters, but also enjoys open world based games from time to time.

His high energy can be seen within his chats, as everyone tuned in is engaged and they make being a viewer a good time for all those involved.

With streaming being his full-time job, you can catch him online nearly every single day either cruising around GTA V or destroying his opponents in Halo.

4. JoshOG

JoshOG is one individual worth mentioning. He is a self-proclaimed hardcore streamer who loves every second of what he does. With a loyal sub-base and energy that is contagious, it is hard not to have a good time while tuning into his streams.

You can catch him playing Teamfight Tactics, Risk of Rain, Halo and Battlefield. His subscribers are worth mentioning, or should I say the Ducks, which is the official name for those that subscribe to him.

Gaming is not his only passion, as fitness comes in next. This is a streamer who not only cares for himself, but his viewers as well, and it is quite apparent from the get go.

5. StonedNinja

Born and raised in Southern California, StonedNinja is one of the OG’s when it comes to the gaming and cannabis world. With both being a staple within StonedNinja’s life, he has dedicated nearly 20 years of this existence to both.

Given his OG status, it is no wonder that his favorite strains just so happen to be that of OG Kush and practically any other kush strain for that matter.

When he isn’t streaming or enjoying some sticky kush, you can find him growing and creating his own strains. If you do tune into his stream, you’ll be greeted by his impeccable rolling skills and his outgoing, vivacious personality.

6. Cewpins

Florida based IRL streamer Cewpins is one of those guys that makes taking fat bong and rig rips look enjoyable. You won’t find him smoking paper, but you can find him taking massive hits bringing him to the brink of tears.

His streams are primarily chatting based, but from time to time, he’ll dive into some gaming. Whatever he is doing though, Cewpins is able to bring a sense of familiarity to his streams.

This familiarity is what makes him and his chat something to look forward to being apart of.

7. SashaHippie

Most don’t know many individuals from Rhode Island, but if there is one to know, it’s SashaHippie. When she isn’t creating a comfortable chatting space for her viewers, she is throwing down in the kitchen getting baked while baking.

SashaHippie is down to earth and one may even say, sunshine in human form. This radiance carries over to her subscribers, as the good vibes can be felt from all those interacting within her chat.

If you are looking for a stoner who brings light and smiles to your face, look no further, SashaHippie is your girl.

8. ItsPinkie

When she isn’t unleashing her inner battlemage in Spellbreak, ItsPinkie can be found immersed within her other passions that include but are not limited to fashion, art, and of course, cannabis.

This wonder woman has a natural spark to her that brings all of her streams to life, and viewers can be assured to never encounter a dull moment given her goofy nature and sense of humor.

Like they say, your vibe attracts your tribe, and this is especially true for ItsPinkie’s community of subscribers. Conversations flow freely and ItsPinkie has an ability to make just about any conversation engaging for all those tuned in.

9. Drojo24

Cannapreneur Drojo24 is someone who is not only personable, but also driven and determined. She splits her time between exploring the great outdoors with her trusted husky, studying for her PhD at Oregon State University, and also owning opponents in games like Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Among Us.

To top it all off, this business driven woman has started her own all-natural skincare company, Melanin Minerals, which is curated using all organic, plant-based ingredients. Her personal endeavors show her true colors, which can be felt from the vibes in which she carries into all of her streams.

With her laid-back demeanor and ability to be real, the conversations are as natural as her skin care line, allowing just about anyone to feel welcome within her community.

10. Nexi

Nexi is a positive vibes only kind of streamer. He has built a community that is not only welcoming to new-comers, but one that also keeps the energy high while he is immersed within GTA V.

When he isn’t streaming on Grizzley World, he is tallying up kills in Call of Duty: Vanguard. If you are looking for someone whose spirit will naturally lift you up, while also feeling welcomed, look no further, as Nexi is your guy.

11. Mommys

Coming out of Los Angeles, CA is Mommys, who has an extensive history in the world of competitive gaming.

Not only is he the host for Call of Duty events all along Southern California, but he has traveled the country the last 9 years as a competitive Call of Duty player.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Mommys, as he is on the mission to create a community of gamers who are self-aware of their own power.

His personality shines through in his streams, and viewers are guaranteed to have a good time, as it is his mission to uplift others through inspiration and laughter.

12. DownToQuest

DownToQuest is a 24/7 live 420 centered collaborative streaming house. They pride themselves on having the widest variety of content on Twitch, and their streams back them up.

Composed of Razor, Jack, Toast, Aphro, Tre, and Professor, this streaming house does not miss the ball on giving viewers a taste of almost everything.

From slaying dragons in Century: Age of Ashes to playing live ping pong ball, there truly is a little bit of something for everyone.

13. That_Stonerchick

That_Stonerchick is your classic, all around chill stoner girl. Her streams are primarily low-key and chill, with many guest appearances from Mistressmord.

You can catch her laying down or hanging out in the pools, and hot tubs category, while engaging with viewers and giving anyone who tunes in a space to smoke and chill out.

14. yourStonerGirlfriend

Proclaimed internet cannabis consultant, yourStonerGirlfriend is slowly growing her name within the stoner streaming game. She has been building a cannabis centered community that is showing to take off.

With her streams primarily hang out sessions, her engagement with viewers makes her personable beyond belief and one truly feels like they are hanging out with her in real life.

The chats among other viewers carry high vibes, and yourStonerGirlfiend does an impeccable job at keeping the hype alive among herself and others.

15. Hollycannabis

After moving from Kansas City to the corn sweets of Missouri, Hollycannabis is a city girl turned country.

Accompanied by her 7 animals, in which she will also be adding chickens to the mix, she has created a simple yet eccentric life for herself.

When she isn’t out in the hills mudding or shooting off guns, you can catch her streams which include but are not limited to IRL, gaming, and also chowing down. Hollycannabis has a personality that’ll pull you in and make you want to hang out.

Her chat matches her energy, so it is easy to find yourself wanting to get stoned with her and the community that she has built.

We hope you discovered some new stoner Twitch streamers to add to your following list! If you’re looking to start up your own cannabis related Twitch channel, make sure to check out if you’re allowed to smoke on Twitch without risking a ban.

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