Alright, time to become a Vtuber! You’ve got everything ready to go. The computer is all set up; you’ve got your channel looking good.

The model is precisely the way you want it… Time to hit live and— wait… What about the software? Y-You haven’t picked the Vtuber Software you wanna use?

No problem! The team at Streamsentials is more than happy to help you pick the final (and crucial) piece to your puzzle.

The 10 Best Software for Vtubing

Rather than bog you down with a bunch of different options and confuse you, we’ve combed through the different types of software out there and put together this list for you!

Whether you’re a 3D, Live 2D, PNG, and on Desktop or Mobile, we’ve got you covered!

Best Free Options

3D Vtuber Streaming: VSeeFace

Pound-for-pound VSeeFace is one of the best Vtuber software on the market for a 3D model Vtuber. First, its user interface is easy to read and understand. All of the options are clearly labeled, and you’ll be able to make changes on the fly with ease.

Second, its performance compared to other software like Wakaru and Luppet is smoother and less resource-intensive. Finally, VSeeFace offers a large amount of customization as well, including high-quality hand tracking.

If you’re looking to track your 3D model, you’ve got an excellent and free piece of vtuber software.

3D Vtuber Modeling: VRoid Studio

VRoid Studio is a great place to start building your 3D model completely for free. Similar to VSeeFace, it offers many customization options in a friendly user interface.

Editing the finer details of your Vtuber model is both frictionless, and there are tons of free options for you to use when building your model.

Mari Yume does a great job in her tutorial outlining the process and highlighting free assets available.

PNG Vtuber: Veadotube Mini

If you’re going to be a PNG Vtuber (or PNGtuber for short), Veadotube Mini is a great, comprehensive option. PNG Vtubing is a more straightforward and more beginner-friendly way to get into Vtubing, so easy-to-use is the name of the game.

With Veadotube Mini, you’ll have a blinking sprite option to add that extra animation, GIF support, and a super easy user interface.

You’ve got a winning combination on your hands when you have the most options, the best user interface, and low resource cost. Personally, I use Veadotube Mini whenever I’m live.

PNG Vtuber Fugi Tech

Fugi Tech is a super simple way to get started in Vtubing that has zero applications to install on your computer. That’s right, none! (Well, except for Discord, but that’s a safe assumption. >_>)

Fugi Tech uses your voice activity in Discord and will use that for the active and inactive state of your Vtuber model.

You can also use it as an easy method for collaborative streams with other Vtubers! Just have them send their Fugi link and you’re good to go!

Ninja-Dee does a great job explaining the ins and outs in 4 minutes as well.

Best Vtuber Software for Mobile

Vtubing from a Mobile device isn’t as easy as a computer, but you can still create a great mobile stream!

Remember that this will only work for a Just Chatting stream where you talk to your chatters, but that’s a great way to connect with your audience!

Single Program: Reality

Reality is one of the most popular mobile apps for Vtubing for multiple reasons. Number 1, you can use it to stream live from your phone, and 2, because you can set it up for your model on the computer as well.

Reality gives you tons of options for your stream, gifting options for your viewers, free and paid options on your avatar, and collaborative options for your streams as well.

Fair warning, however: There is a gacha element to the items for your avatar. This could be a no-go for you, but it’s totally optional.

You can also use the avatar from Reality on your desktop computer streams by mirroring your phone’s screen on your computer. Jenta Cookie Cat gives a great tutorial on how to do so with Streamlabs or OBS.

Combo: VTube Studio and Streamlabs

No, it’s not cheating to suggest using more than one software at once. Especially when VtuberSenpai explains in perfect detail how you can easily set up your mobile stream using Vtube Studio and Streamlabs.

Vtube Studio offers a great mix of settings, options, and really accurate tracking. It also integrates easily with Streamlabs from a mobile device.

Streamlabs, meanwhile, is renowned for its easy-to-use functionality and intuitive design. Combining the two gives you everything you need to get up and running on your mobile device.

Best Vtuber Software for Streaming

Rigged 2D Software: Live2D Cubism

Like we said in our Ultimate Vtuber Beginner’s Guide, Live2D really is the end-all-and-be-all. Live 2D is really just the animation software behind the scenes. Still, its ridiculous amount of depth has led to its permeation everywhere.

And we mean everywhere. Live 2D isn’t just Vtubing Software. It’s also used for producing Visual Novels, and games on Mobile, Console, and PC.

And that’s perhaps the most significant differentiating factor with Live 2D Cubism and all the other software out there: You’re using professional software with over a decade of experience behind it.

Vtubing is only a few years old, and the current software landscape is constantly changing with new software popping up. But since the beginning, Live2D has dominated and will continue to do so.

All of the top Vtuber Agencies like Nijisanji, Vshojo, and Hololive use Live2D, because it’s simply the best there is in the market.

Live2D Model Tracking: VTube Studio

Live2D is the true champion for designing a 2D rigged model in Vtubing. But now that you’ve got a kickass model, you’ll need something to track your movements and put onto your stream.

Enter, VTube Studio. VTube Studio is the top choice for industry professionals, boasting clients and users like VShojo, Crunchyroll, and big game devs like Square Enix and Apex Legends.

VTube Studio provides control over your Live2D model, eye-tracking, hotkey support, microphone-lipsync, animated PNG props tracking your model and “MUCH MORE!!”

The entire process for working Vtube Studio is super simple, and provides a ton of flexibility. But if you need a quick start guide for VTube Studio, Raelice breaks everything down in under 8 minutes.

Also, the app is free to use, so long as you don’t mind a small watermark on the screen. All the features come unlocked right from the start. However, if you want to get rid of the watermark, it’s only $14.99.

Streaming Software: Streamlabs

Pardon my controversial take, but I prefer Streamlabs instead of OBS. Streamlabs user interface is much easier to use and understand than OBS, and integrates with Twitch more readily. It also includes powerful mod tools, integration with Twitch chat, and nice-to-haves like alert testing.

You can also check out our article that breaks down Streamlabs vs. OBS when you’re done here. But you know what should’ve tipped you off first? (Psst. We already recommended using Streamlabs earlier.) That being said…

Streaming Software: OBS

OBS has been the standard bearer for streaming software since its inception. Combining a simple user interface and low CPU usage, OBS is a powerful and light software that can get you off the ground and into the stream-o-sphere.

The learning curve is a little steeper, but The Video Nerd’s comprehensive overview should help you get started .

A Pinch of Salt for Dear Reader

Here’s the Chat’s Honest Truth: Although we believe these are the best software for Vtubing, it will still come down to personal preference.

You might not like Streamlabs because of its high resource usage. Live2D might be too advanced for you, and you need something simpler for 2D rigging. That’s fine.

But the software we’ve presented today are the best options for you based on ease of use, overall options, and usability.

Don’t be afraid to try other software, and let us know if there are Vtuber software you’d like to see us build guides for in the comment section below!

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