WOT Meaning

WOT is an animated emote of Tom the Fish from the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants. It depicts Tom turning his head across the screen slowly with a wide-eyed expression while holding a cup (not that that’s relevant…).

It’s often used in place of the HUH emote; so basically when something weird, confusing or questionable happens. And also for the AUUUGGHHH meme if you’re still doing that.


WOT Origin

WOT was added to 7TV on January 17, 2022 by user Chad_z. Not too much is known about why this emote was created or where it came from.

There were lots of emotions going around when xQc removed the triggering HUH emote from his channel on July 12, 2022. Some happy it was gone, some sad they couldn’t spam it anymore. But move over HUH, there’s a new annoying emote in chat!

Chatters started using WOT in place of HUH after it was removed, and xQc gave in and added the emote on July 24, 2022. 



A streamer starts explaining a weird take they have that doesn’t make much sense. Perfect time to use WOT.



Emote Type