HUH Meaning

HUH is an emote of a turtle named Verne from the animated movie Over the Hedge. Verne has his eyes wide and looking slightly concerned, as well as his mouth open. This emote is usually used when something confusing or weird happens.


HUH Origin

HUH was first added to 7TV on September 15, 2021 by user PentalexLive, and then later on FrankerFaceZ by hyruverse on September 20, 2021.

The origin of the emote is mostly unknown but has gained lots of popularity (good and bad) the past few months. It started out being used when something confusing or weird was happening but has since taken on a few different uses.

In xQcOW’s chat, it’s sometimes combined with the popular TikTok snoring meme “AUUGGHH” (much to many chatters’ dismay!). It has also been used when something sexual is said on stream, but most people like to use it for the original above stated confused/weird meaning.


A streamer is telling a story and says something that catches chat off guard. Time to spam the HUH emote. HUH?!?

HUH Transparent PNG


Emote Type