Everyone who has been to Twitch has come in contact with at least one chat bot. If “Moobot” or “Nightbot” rings a bell, you’ve shared an experience with many others that has become a staple for many streams.

With all of the bots popping up in thousands of channels, it’s difficult for streamers to figure out what is the best chat bot to use for their channel.

In this guide, we’re going to outline our top 5 bots, from simple to advanced, to give you the best idea of what you should be using for your Twitch chat, as well as some fun bots to add just in case you need a little more entertainment, so let’s get started.

Simple Twitch Chatbots

Whether you’re looking to add new aspects to your stream like currency or sound effects, every stream needs a moderation bot.

Between greeting your viewers as they follow and banning the trolls for links, every streamer needs an extra hand in bettering their chat. Most of these bots are controlled in a webpage and stored via the Cloud, making them accessible at all times for viewers and streamers alike.

Almost all chat bots in 2019 offer some sort of giveaway system or poll system, making them more competitive than ever, and just because most are simple does not mean that they aren’t powerful.

Some of the top streamers have trusted in these bots for years, and their reliability and tools have kept them going strong.


This bot might be familiar to almost everyone who has browsed through Twitch. Nightbot has been one of the leading chatbots for a lot of streamers.

With its easy to use interface, you can access powerful moderation tools and song request features, any streamer can make use and elevate the overall chat experience.

Nightbot boasts custom commands, fun built-in minigames, and a powerful Giveaway tool that most streamers love. The simplicity of the website puts streamers at ease when creating and managing their chat, leaving them time to focus on what matters, their community.

Why should you use Nightbot? If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use chat bot, and don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles like sound effects, this will be your go to.

Nightbot is extremely simple to set up and adding custom commands will be a breeze.


As popular as NightBot might be, another familiar name has made its home all over Twitch. Moobot has been on Twitch since before it was Twitch, back in the Justin.tv days.

Created in 2008 from a streamer who needed some extra help managing their chat, Moobot has always had streamers in mind. With constant support and development, the chat bot has blossomed into a multi-purpose helper that adds plenty of interaction and support to any streamer in need.

Moobot offers custom commands and moderation, just like most bots. It also allows for community management, such as adding Regulars and Tiers to your loyal viewers.

The Dashboard is also customizable and easy to navigate. Just like Nightbot, you can add mini-games like “8-ball” with just a click of a button.

What makes Moobot so great? This chatbot takes little to set up, and once configured, takes little maintenance as well!

If you are looking for something simple with powerful moderation tools, Moobot is the way to go. Plus who doesn’t like the name Moobot?


 With all of the bots on the market, WizeBot has stepped in to shake up the scene. While most browser chatbots all offer moderation tools and custom commands, this chat bot has decided to take it a step further.

With personal viewer stats, WizeBot offers even more interaction with an RPG like feel with Level Systems for viewers based on their activity in the stream.

While most bots offer some sort of “Tier” system, WizeBot has stepped forward with a ranking system. This is completely customizable and automated through the bot itself.

The chatbot also hosts a currency system for your viewers, like most standalone chatbots, all within the browser itself.

What makes WizeBot a winner? Wizebot offers a lot more than most “Simple” browser-based chat bots. With all of the additional features and addons, Wizebot can be personalized to your stream, and add hours of interaction for your viewers.

Over 448,000 streamers are using WizeBot right now, maybe you should too!

Wanting to view someone’s chat history? Check out this guide for checking Twitch chat logs.

Dedicated Chatbots

The chatbots we have covered so far are all browser-based, and are all separate services outside of what you’d see on Twitch.

Although popular, a lot of chatbots have been attaching themselves to streaming programs like Streamlabs or StreamElements.

This makes the bots more enticing for its users, and rightly so. If you are looking for integration or just to have more options in your streams, getting a dedicated chatbot is the way to go.

Streamlabs Chatbot

From the integrated version within Streamlabs OBS, to the separate standalone download of Streamlabs Chatbot, this chatbot has taken over many channels on Twitch, including my own.

Many streamers might also recognize this bot as “Ankhbot”, which was a trusted chatbot for years. After merging with Streamlabs, it now boasts integration for donations and alerts, making this is an easy choice for those looking to protect their community from the trolls of Twitch that have already dedicated themselves to Streamlabs.

The integrated version gives access to most features of chatbots, like moderation tools and custom commands. Unlike the competitors, this chatbot can integrate with the Streamlabs Merch Store, allowing the streamer to have live giveaways of their merchandise within the chatbot itself.

The chatbot is integrated into the Streamlabs OBS streaming program, which gives easy access to the Streamlabs Dashboard.

The standalone program is also a powerful chatbot with several unique features that make the bot stand out above the rest.

With features like Personal Sound Effects for Viewers, Quotes, Currency Management, and much more, it’s easy to see why Streamlabs is a leading competitor in today’s streaming market.

Why should you use Streamlabs? If you are already using Streamlabs as your go-to for alerts, using the chatbot should be just as easy.

If you’re looking to enhance your stream with unique elements like personal sound effects, then this is the chatbot for you.


Just like Streamlabs, StreamElements has recently released their integration with OBS. With OBS Live, the StreamElements chatbot has become more enticing for many users.

StreamElements adds a multitude of chat features, as well as offering alerts, a loyalty system, and much more all within their suite.

While Streamlabs Chatbot offers sound effects via commands in stream, StreamElements allows users to !redeem sounds, but you can also customize GIFs that show up on stream as well.

With over 11 interactive modules and minigames within the chatbot, StreamElements seems like the full package for a lot of streamers. Unlike Streamlabs’ standalone chatbot, this chatbot is Cloud-based, meaning users can access commands without the bot running on your PC.

This gives viewers access to your commands like your social media links even when you’re offline.

So why choose StreamElements? If StreamElements runs your alerts, then this is the choice for your chatbot, but if you are looking for something new, this chatbot and service can add a lot to your stream.

If you are having a tough time deciding between StreamElements and Streamlabs, you should look into the integrated services that both offer, such as a donation page or loyalty system.

Fun Chat Bots

So you’ve set up your new chatbot for protection, and all is squared away, but what if there is more?

With all the complicated features that moderation tools offer, sometimes we just need a simple bot to remind us to stay healthy, or poke fun with viewers in our chats.

Here are two Completely Fun chatbots that we’ve chosen to add some variety in your chat.

Stay Healthy Bot

This bot will not manage your channel. This bot won’t ban someone for spamming your chat. It won’t add an 8-ball command to tell you your future, but it will tell you when to drink water.

Every 2 hours (by default). The point of this bot is to remind you to stay healthy while you are streaming, making sure you don’t forget to keep hydrated.

Whether you choose to grab yourself a nice refreshing bottle of water or not is up to you, but it will make sure you know that it’s time for some H2O.

Butts Bot

Imagine a chatbot that adds butts to the messages in your chat. Well, you found it. This chatbot will replace words in any of your chatter’s messages with butts. I know. It’s beautiful.

The bot is also customizable in how often it “Buttifies” your chat, as well as what words it will replace. With the default being around 1 “Buttify” every 30 messages, this bot will surely give you and your viewers the occasional chuckle.

For those looking to add this beautiful bot to your channel, head over to the owner’s Twitch channel and type in !joinme. If at any time the “buttification” dissatisfies you, you can always have the chatbot leave your channel with !leaveme.

You also have the option to learn all about buttsbot with the command !buttabout.

With all of the Twitch chat bots on the market today, hopefully this guide helps you solidify your choice as the protector of your chat. If you have any suggestions or bots that you personally use, feel free to share in the comments!

Guide written by AlfredGG. Check out his Twitch stream here, and YouTube channel here.

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