Your Twitch username is an important part of your brand. It’s how your viewers will identify you and refer to you so make sure you choose something snappy and memorable.

Coming up with a good Twitch name might not be so easy however. You have lots of potential questions to answer.

Do you link it to your real-life name? How long or short should you make it? Is the username already taken on Twitch? Even just thinking of anything at all can be a challenge!

If you’re stuck for ideas, you can take the hassle away by using a Twitch name generator to provide you with thousands of cool ideas for a username at the click of a button.

We’ve found the best Twitch streamer name generators for you, so read on to check them out!

Top 10 Name Generators for Twitch

1. NordPass

NordPass lets you type in a few letters or a word to begin the username then completes it with random, catchy nouns. You can set the username length to a specific number of letters and even choose a category for the nouns (we particularly like “Space”!).

They also provide a handy feature that shows you whether the username has already been taken or not on Twitch and other major social platforms.

2. Cool Generator

Cool Generator is a no-frills Twitch username generator option where you simply choose your keyword and the username will be your keyword along with another random word. You have four different length settings to adjust it to as well.

3. GeneratorMix

GeneratorMix asks you to start with a “Word, name or nickname” and pairs it with another random word. This name generator allows you to select underscores and numbers to spice it up and you can search up to a total of 50 usernames at a time.

4. SpinXO

twitch name generator quiz

SpinXO takes the unique quiz approach of asking you to input a few details about yourself like Hobbies, Things You Like, or Important Words and throws it all in to create a bunch of possible usernames.

You get 30 names each time you “Spin!” (hence the name) and the website offers you additional suggested keywords and even a Rhyming option if that’s your bag!

5. Ngenerators

Ngenerators is a great website for those looking for a wide variety of options for their names. The username generator is a simple offering giving you the ability to select random usernames or choose one using a keyword.

But you can also use a number of other name generators on the site to find something other websites might not offer. For example, click on the Candy Generator and you could choose a name like a fake candy such as Tiftofs or Banananice. Or girl specific name generators to help with your Twitch name.

6. Jimpix

Jimpix is a random username generator that lets you narrow down what type of words you want in your Twitch username with a dropdown menu.

Perhaps you choose Shakespeare, Harry Potter, and the letter T and you get the option of Tottering Twigger. If you’d really like to specify how your username will look then there is a Bells and Whistles option with tons of customization.

7. Fantasy Name Generators

Fantasy Name Generators is a simple way to generate usernames with a fantasy twist. The most basic option just offers you 10 options.

The first four options are interesting variations on animals or other common words and the remaining six are taken from combining two random words. You can add a keyword in there as well.

8. Gamertag

Gamertag offers a username generator designed to give random names for gamers using Xbox or PS4, perfect for those looking for a Twitch username!

Plenty of options to choose from with Male and Female names and the ability to choose names of different countries of origin are a couple of the more cool unique things to choose from.

9. Plarium

Plarium is a bare bones name generator where you choose from either Masculine, Feminine, or Random and click generate to see a name – it’s just the one name at a time.

This one is suitable for those who’d rather roll a dice on a new streamer name each time rather than scroll through a long list.

10. Names 4 Brands

The last Twitch username generator on our list comes from Names 4 Brands. No options or customization, just hit the button and take a browse through a list of possible names.

Unlike many in this list, this website will offer you names with spaces in if that’s what you’re looking for.

Best Practices When Choosing a Twitch username

Now you have an arsenal of Twitch name generator websites providing you with unlimited usernames, let’s talk about how to choose a username that you and your viewers will like and respond to.

Keep it short and simple

The most important thing you need your username to do is to stick in people’s minds so avoid lengthy or hard-to-spell words.

Keep it clean and professional

You’ll notice that most popular streamers don’t have numbers, underscores, or other punctuation even though that’s common in Gamertags. It keeps the name and the brand looking smart and professional.

Make sure the username is not in use on other platforms.

The last thing you need is to start growing your channel then there’s another streamer with your username who’s big on Twitter. Make your online presence entirely your own with a unique username.

Hopefully either of these Twitch name generators helps you with coming up with ideas for your stream name.

Got any other tips for username inspiration? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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