Tired of missing the best moments during a Twitch livestream and wishing you could rewind back in time? This quick article will show you 3 methods on how to rewind on Twitch.

Can You Rewind On Twitch?

Currently there is no official way to rewind on Twitch as you’re watching live.

However there are a few workarounds that kind of act as a way to rewind.

They’re not perfect, but they’re better than having absolutely no way to go back and watch a funny or epic moment you just missed on stream.

November 1, 2021 Update: Twitch is testing a Rewind the Stream button that allows you to jump back 2 minutes during a live stream. So this is good news that we’ll likely be able to rewind on Twitch once they fully implement this feature.

Rewind twitch stream

3 Ways to Rewind a Twitch Stream

Since there’s no way to rewind on Twitch natively, we’ll need to take advantage of a few different options to get around this limitation.

These options will also work if you’re looking to rewind on a Twitch stream on mobile.

1. Twitch Rewind Extension

The closest thing to being able to rewind Twitch on the fly while watching live is using this Twitch rewind extension (for Chrome) called Twitch DVR Player.

To get it working:

1. Install the extension here.

2. Your Twitch video player will now have the option to scrub the playhead back and forth during a livestream.

You can also pause the livestream and it won’t automatically skip to the live feed. Only after you’ve already rewound. If you’re pausing directly from the live feed, it’ll still skip forward after unpausing.

Note: After doing some tests, you might not be able to utilize the rewind feature if the channel you’re watching doesn’t have VODs enabled.

2. Using Twitch Clips

If the streamer you’re watching has clips enabled, you can use Twitch’s clip feature to “rewind” back to the past 1 minute or so.

We have an in-depth guide on how to clip on Twitch here. But the process is as simple as:

1. Clicking the “Clip” button found at the bottom right of the streams video player (or Alt + X on PC, and Option + X on Mac)

2. Now click and drag the blue bar as far back as you need to watch as far back as 88 seconds or so.

3. Twitch VODs

Most streamers have VODs running on their channel, which are essentially their recorded live streams.

As the streamer is streaming, these VODs are being updated live as well, with a few minutes of delay.

So if you need to rewind back to a certain part of the stream, you can click their VOD and scrub the playhead to the exact spot you missed.

To access a streamers VOD:

1. Click the streamers username right below the video player.

2. You should now see a list of their recent broadcasts. These are the VODs.

If you don’t see any VODs, you can go to their Videos section by clicking the Videos header, or by adding “/videos” to the end of the channel’s URL. (i.e. twitch.tv/shroud/videos).

3. Click on the VOD and you now have the ability to pause, fast forward and rewind the broadcast.

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