Looking for a little bit of risk without actually losing anything? Then you might find yourself in the Slots section of Twitch.

It’s insanely fun to watch someone bet money that isn’t yours (with crazy high betting amounts as well) and be able to live vicariously through them. You’ve also got the relaxing slot machine music, fun graphics, and a chill Twitch community to hang out with. What’s not to love?!

So if you’re like us and can’t get enough of casino games like, The Dog House, Plinko or Hotel Yeti-Way, check out our list of the top 10 most popular gambling streamers on Twitch.

1. Trainwreckstv



First on our list is one of the most popular streamers in the gambling category, Trainwreckstv aka Tyler Niknam. He was at the center of the Twitch gambling drama back in 2021 where people called him out for promoting gambling on stream and being sponsored by the casino website Stake.

He even moved to Canada, where online gambling is legal and has less taxes.

But Trainwreckstv hasn’t let all the drama stop him! He continues to grow in popularity frequently does 30+ hour streams.

When he does take a break from gambling, he’s usually playing Apex Legends or hosting the Scuffed Podcast on his channel, where he has streamers and gamers come on to discuss a variety of topics in a roundtable format.

2. Roshtein



As one of the OG gambling streamers, Roshtein first started streaming gambling back in 2015 and has amassed over 800k followers.

The Swedish streamer is known for his luscious locks and eclectic style (complete with stylish hat of course), and he also has some insane luck.

Back in October 2021, he won a whopping 9 MILLION playing Wanted Dead or A Wild. Rosh has continued to prove why he’s at the top and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon!

3. Xposed



Xposed, aka Cody Burnett, is a 25-year-old streamer from Canada. He’s no stranger to Twitch and has been streaming for the past 7 years. He originally started streaming FPS games but made the move to casino streams back in 2017.

You can tell that he’s wanted to be an entertainer since he was a kid, and he’s cultivated a loyal fan base with almost half a million followers.

4. ClassyBeef



Next up is something a little different: a casino and slots streaming channel! ClassyBeef is currently composed of 9 different streamers: Espen, Joe, Nando, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Rune, Lamar and Freddie.

You could say this channel is like a box of chocolates, you never know who you’re gonna get!

They’re a relatively new channel, having just started in 2019. And they frequently do giveaways, so be sure to check them out if that’s your jam!

5. VonDice



If you’re a fan of Roshtein, you may already be familiar with Swedish streamer VonDice. He was a frequent guest on Rosh’s channel and became so popular that fans begged him to start streaming himself.

Since starting his channel in February 2021, he’s already made it to 187k followers!

With his entertaining personality and enthusiasm, it’s no wonder VonDice has had such a strong start in the streaming world.

6. CasinoDaddy



Looking for some high stakes casino action? Then check out CasinoDaddy. They stream 14 hours per day, 7 days a week. The channel is actually run by 3 Swedish brothers, Erik, Anton, and Matthias Joelsson.

The trio had an interest in the casino scene and decided to start a channel together in 2017. Talk about keeping it all in the family!

You can check out some of their big wins on their YouTube channel, and they also livestream there in addition to Twitch.

7. AyeZee



A gambling fan since becoming legal at 18, there’s no surprise AyeZee is on our top 10 list. He left H1Z1 behind to start streaming gambling in 2019, and you can catch him live on most days.

You can even get prizes from just being a part of his community. Viewers gain coins for watching the stream, which can then be redeemed for prizes on his store website. Right on, AyeZee!

8. SpinlifeTV



SpinlifeTV is another channel hosted by multiple streamers. It originally started out with Jack but grew in popularity and Philip and Marcus were added to the team.

They’ve also created their own website where you can interact with the community, enter giveaways, and chat about all things casino.

9. FossyGFX



If you’re in the mood for some fun, chill gambling and music, check out FossyGFX! The streamer, who currently lives in Malta, is live 6 days a week at 4pm EST. You can catch him playing slots, roulette, blackjack and more.

And if you’ve missed any streams, he keeps his YouTube up to date with tons of highlight videos.

10. Leyla



Finally giving us some female representation in the slots category is Leyla. She first starting gaming and doing art streams on Twitch in 2018 but switched to Slots in 2020.

If you want some cozy vibes, look no further. Outfitted with cool lights and a sleek aesthetic, her stream room is made for some chill slots and gambling. And if you’re part of the stoner crew, you’ll fit right in!

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