WeirdChamp Meaning

WeirdChamp (pronounced weerd-champ) is a Twitch emote featuring the face of Ryan “Gootecks’ Gutierrez making an unapproving face. This is widely used on Twitch as the go-to emote to express the feeling of disappointment, awkwardness, or disbelief.

WeirdChamp Origin

Unlike other twitch emotes, WeirdChamp has had a short and simple rise to fame. On July 2nd, 2018, a Redditor shared the aforementioned picture on the /r/forsen subreddit. Historically, this subreddit is the number one breeding ground for new emotes.

A discussion between the uploader and someone else occurred where they think of the name of the emote. The poster suggests it be named “FeelsWeirdPog”. The Reddit user ImpressiveDouble writes, “Looks decent might need a name change though.” This is followed by Redditor 6in coining the phrase, “WeirdChamp” in response.

After this discussion thread, the user nedddus submitted the final design for the emote to FrankerFaceZ on July 3rd, 2018. Even though the emote was birthed in the /r/forsen subreddit, it didn’t gain traction until its use in xQc, aka xQcOW twitch chat. From there it grew in popularity after being used and discussed frequently in the /r/xQcOW subreddit.

It has varying opinions on its use and or overuse in xQc chat, specifically in his subreddit. This was due to it being excessively spammed on multiple occasions. At times so bad that the chat was unreadable to be read by xQc or anyone else.


Your favorite streamer has a hot take on a garbage game that they say is a hidden gem. Suddenly chat is flooded with WeirdChamps as far as the eye can see.

WeirdChamp Transparent PNG

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