MonkaS Meaning

MonkaS is an iteration of the famous Pepe the Frog image. MonkaS shows Pepe profusely sweating and has an expression of fright. This Twitch emote is used in various situations depending on the streamer, but universally it’s used in high tension situations.

MonkaS Origin

Like most Pepe the Frog iterations, monkaS’ earliest known use was on 4chan on July 16th, 2011. It was posted on the /lit/ (literature) board, which was an odd place for a Pepe illustration to be used.

After that, it basically dropped off the map until March 16th, 2016. On that day it was uploaded to the Better Twitch TV extension by Monkasen (then MonkaSenpai). As you can guess, the name of the emote was derived from the uploader and stands for ‘MonkaScared’.

Even after Monkasen posted the emote to BTTV, it wasn’t until February 17th, 2017 that it started to get popular. The Reddit user by the name of kuckzaglady posted a picture of the emote to the subreddit /r/forsen.

It started to gain traction in the community through this, but it wasn’t until the following year on April 1st when it was posted on the phenomenon that was the /r/place pixel art event. It officially came into the limelight when a post on the /r/OutOfTheLoop post blew up asking what the slang word ‘MonkaS’ means.


The streamer you’re watching is about to extract in Escape from Tarkov, but suddenly gets sniped at from who knows where: MonkaS.

MonkaS Transparent PNG

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