MonkaW Meaning  

MonkaW (pronounced Mon-kuh W) is used to convey a feeling of tension or fear in Twitch chat. It is a zoomed-in picture of Pepe The Frog looking frightened and profusely sweating. MonkaW and MonkaS carry the same meaning but MonkaW is slightly zoomed in on Pepe’s face, implying an even greater level of tension.

MonkaW Origin

MonkaW has a rather old history due to the emote being a picture of a sweating Pepe, which originally came from the forum 4Chan in 2011. It was added as an emote on a thread of 4Chan called “/lit/” by a user named MonkaSenpai. It was rather unpopular for its first couple years of existence, rarely being used in the depths of 4Chan.

Things change in 2016 when MonkaS was uploaded to the Twitch Emote Extension FrankerFaceZ. Even after being uploaded there it still went relatively untouched until it was posted in the Forsen subreddit by the user “kucykzaglady” almost a year later. As usual, the emote gains traction overnight quickly becoming one of the most used emotes on twitch. A year later in early 2017, it is added to TwitchQuotes Database solidifying its position near the top.


It’s the middle of the night and your favorite streamer is playing a horror game. Things start getting super intense and the streamer is visibly scared. This is the perfect moment for the chat to start spamming MonkaW.

MonkaW Transparent PNG

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