catJAM Meaning

CatJAM is an animated Twitch emote of a white cat bobbing its head to music. Much like pepeD, it is used to convey the approval of music that is being played on stream.

catJAM Origin

CatJAM is not only an extremely popular emote on Twitch, its origin is from a popular TickTok that was posted on April 15th, 2020 by user micklagi. After it became an established meme across multiple social media platforms, it was posted to BetterTTV by user MadLittleCat.

Thanks to the famous Tiktok meme it started gaining quick popularity, but it gained even more when the video was reposted on Twitter getting almost 800,000 views in only one month.

On there was a post on the subreddit /r/xqcow requesting that the emote be enabled in his chat. Shortly after the post, he did and him being the most subscribed streamer on the platform it took off at an insane rate.

Two weeks after that the prominent League of Legends player Tyler1 did the same.

While the emote at this point is rather popular, it is gaining insane popularity on other social media platforms. Getting reposted with different headlines and music playing in the background it has become an infamous meme.

It is an interesting emote because not only is it used to show you vibing to music on Twitch, but it has the same meaning on every other platform as well.


Hear some dope music that makes you bob your head like catJAM? It’s the perfect emote to put in chat.

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