5Head Meaning

5Head (pronounced Five-hed) is a Twitch emote featuring the face of Cadberry with an enlarged forehead, extremely disproportionate to his face. The emote can be used sarcastically as well as seriously to portray either a really smart move or a really stupid one.

5Head Origin

Like the origin of most other emotes, 5Head was uploaded by user SublimedTv to FrankerFaceZ on March 15th, 2018. After a brief hiatus of being unused, it exploded in popularity when the emote came in contact with xQc’s chat. The reason why it became so popular because xQc is notorious for making both extremely intelligent decisions and some of the dumbest things on Twitch to date.

This is why xQc’s subreddit as well as Twitch chat took it and ran, making the emote popular for the rest of the platform overnight. In specific cases, it was used whenever xQc’s teammate m0xxy.

This idea was solidified when Redditor HailTheTwinTails posted a meme guide on what emotes to use during an xQc stream. In the guide, it referenced that whenever m0Xyy would speak, chat would post the 5Hhead emote. In some cases, it is followed by a wine glass to portray an intellectually sipping wine and make smart comments.


Someone in chat comments on how the strategy the streamer is using is stupid. The streamer then goes into great detail on how it works and why the game mechanics allow it to happen. Chat spams 5Head along with some wine glasses for extra classiness.

5Head Transparent PNG

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