WutFace Meaning

WutFace is a popular Twitch emote of Twitch Staff member Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez. He is pictured making a surprised face looking off to the left, mouth wide open. It has quite a few different uses but mostly used to signify a really weird or surprising event during the stream.

WutFace Origin

The origin of the image dates back to June 22nd, 2014 when Alex was in the crowd during MLG Anaheim for the 3rd game between Optic Gaming and Team Envious. During this Call of Duty tournament, the camera cut to him in the crowd and he made the famous face mentioned above.

Alex is an extremely well know eSports commentator and host who has commentated on some of the most popular eSports tournaments. A few months later, on October 27th, 2014 he tweeted out that the image had become a new global twitch emote and it had been deemed WutFace.

Thanks to him being so well known, after the emote was added to Twitch, it proceeded to spread like wildfire. Especially since it was a global Twitch emote instead of one that came out of a certain community.

When it originally came out it was used in a more serious way indicating if something went wrong during gameplay. But, it quickly turned into a meme and is currently used to express anything from cringe to confusion.


You’re watching your favorite streamer and out of nowhere they start doing some weird dance or says some completely weird stuff. Chat cues the WutFace.

WutFace Transparent PNG

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