TriHard Meaning

TriHard is a Twitch emote of streamer TriHex, who is shown with a wide smile and an excited expression. It is used to express excitement or happiness.

TriHard Origin

The emote originates from a photo of Trihex attending the Akon-23 anime convention in Dallas, Texas in June 2012. The photo shows Trihex smiling and taking a photo with a girl while holding up a Dragon Ball wall scroll.

Later that year, Trihex’s fans clipped the face and turned it into an emote. Once it was created, his community took to the forums spamming it and trying to make it gain popularity. Specifically, in certain forums where Twitch staff was polling for new emotes. 2 years later, Trihex made a video titled “How Did TriHard, the Twitch Emote, Happen?”.

This led to an increase in popularity, which then led to multiple other communities using the emote. From there it is pretty much history, the emote gained massive traction and became a global emote spreading quickly across Twitch.

In 2017, the popular Youtuber theScore posted a video titled “What is TriHard? The Story Behind Twitch’s Most Controversial Emote [A Trip Down Meme-ory Lane].” At this point, TriHard was everywhere and this video only solidified its position as one of the most popular emotes used.


When your favorite streamer has an epic intro to the stream and reveals they are doing something the community has been waiting forever for. Chat fills with TriHards.

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