Sadge Meaning

Sadge is a BetterTTV emote that depicts Pepe the Frog looking down, with a deflated and depressed expression. The Twitch emote is usually used to convey profound sadness, disappointment, and dejection, but it also has ironic usages, such as “cringe” situations or ironic expressions of sadness. Additionally, the emote is widely used in memes and copypastas.

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Sadge Origin

Origins of Pepe the Frog as a character goes back to 2005. He first appeared in a comic created by Matt Furie. Sadge, specifically, is an edit of Feels Bad Man/Sad Frog, which in turn is an edit of Pepe himtself, looking distraught and sad.

The emote first appeared on Twitch on January 4th, 2020 as a BetterTTV emote, submitted by user Redshell. The emote’s page on BetterTTV reports it being used on 126,025 different channels (Redshell is believed to be the first who uploaded the emote to BetterTTV, but it’s hard to estimate a more accurate number of channels, as many other users uploaded Sadge after Redshell).

User vicneeel submitted the emote to FrankerFaceZ on January 14th, 2020. The emote’s page on FrankerFaceZ reports Sadge being used in 75,197 sets.

Sadge Emote Popularity

The emote started receiving increased popularity and seeing frequent usage in mid-2020 because of AdmiralBulldog and Forsen’s fans. The cause of the interest and increased usage of the emote is most likely the copypasta that started circulating in Forsen’s chat. The copypasta that goes like this “[Sadge emote] My dearest brother, I write to you in deep melancholy. It appears to me that there isn’t any c*ck left” gained popularity because of the memes posted in r/forsen.


When the streamer fails to beat a level, loses a match, or they tell a sad story, cancel a stream, chat usually uses the emote, or just the word “Sadge” to express their sadness and disappointment.

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