PotFriend Meaning

PotFriend is an emote depicting the NPC sentient pot character from the game Elden Ring.  It is a gold pot that has two arms, with one arm bent up in the air and the other arm bent touching his hip (if a pot can even have hips…). PotFriend is mostly used when a pot shows up on screen, or when playing Elden Ring. It’s also become a “do this IRL” emote.

PotFriend Origin

The PotFriend character made its debut back in summer 2021 when the first Elden Ring trailer came out. Many people started pointing out the great art and characters and created their own memes and artwork. And so, the pot became popular before the game was even released!

When the game came out in February 2022, we were introduced to Iron Fist Alexander, who is a friendly NPC pot you meet multiple times throughout gameplay.

People first started calling him Pot Boy, which turned into Pot Friend. Twitch then added the image as an emote on February 24, 2022 due to its popularity.

Honestly, we’re not entirely sure what the purpose of this emote is… but hey! Give the people what they want.


1. A streamer is playing Elden Ring and comes across Iron Fist Alexander for the first time. Seems like the perfect moment to use the PotFriend emote!

2. Feel like confusing an unknowing streamer? Ask them to “PotFriend do this IRL”

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