PogU Meaning

PogU (pronounced Pog-You) is a commonly spammed Twitch emote in recent days due to the emotions that it conveys. It is an image of Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez showing a very over-enthusiastic facial expression. It is used to express excitement.

PogU Origin

The original image came from a bloopers reel from the entertainment network Cross Counter TV. The specific image comes from a segment of the video where Ryan reacts to a camera operator stumbling off-screen.

The user Amiccuz uploaded the screenshot of the event to FrankerFaceZ on June 3, 2018. The emote didn’t take off until it was posted on June 4 in a Reddit post to r/forsen.

The post didn’t gain much traction, only gaining 260 upvotes within six months. But, in the post itself, it gained a lot of praise which contributed to its rise to fame.

Only 10 days later, it was so overused that it was banned in its chat on June 14. It wasn’t until a few months later until it gained its traction in the twitch community.

After that, it gained a snowball effect turning into a very popular emote practically overnight.


The stream starts with your favorite streamer announcing an extremely anticipated event. Twitch chat instantly spams PogU for the remainder of the intro of the stream.

PogU Transparent PNG

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