PogChamp Meaning

PogChamp, also sometimes known as Pog Champion, is an image of Ryan Gutierrez. Better known as Gootecks, the Twitch emote shows him making an exaggerated face, mouth open, eyes wide. It is widely used to show positive emotions, anything from happiness, excitement, or even shock.

PogChamp Origin

The infamous image comes from a Cross Counter TV video from 2010, which shows an outtake of professional street fighter Gootecks alongside Mike Ross. On November 26th, 2010, the outtake video was uploaded to YouTube.

Though some argue that it originally originated on Twitch, it has been since found that it was first posted on 4chan like usual. A post was found from 2011 that has the emote referring to it as the “Pogs Championship” amongst the gaming boards of 4chan.

Unlike most emotes, PogChamp was actually directly added to Twitch by the staff themselves. This is both in part to the fact that Gooteck was already a rather popular streamer as well as the rapid pace of popularity it achieved.

Although it was already a Twitch emote and it was slowly gaining popularity, it blew up when user u/ThatSchmoDude42 posted the emote to r/Twitch explaining it is called ‘PogChamp’ and what it means.

PogChamp Banned

Unfortunately, this emote has been recently banned on January 6th, 2021, due to Gooteck endorsing further violence after the storming of the capital building.

Gooteck posted on Twitter endorsing the violence and wishing for further violence. Within 4 hours, Twitch posted on their Twitter saying the emote will no longer be available and they will replace the emote with something new.

It has been since replaced with a whole new system where if you type “PogChamp” into chat it will show a different face every 24 hours.


If chat experiences excitement, whether it is a dope play by the streamer or an anticipated event, PogChamp is the perfect emote.

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