Pepega Meaning

Pepega (pronounced peh-pey-guh) is a distorted image of Pepe the frog, used to call someone or something they did as “stupid”. Being a Pejorative, Pepega, is often used when a Twitch streamer has a bad take or does something regrettable in-game.

Pepega Origin

The origin of the Pepega emote can be traced back to April 8th, 2018, in a discord conversation about adding new emotes. The user Adew and a few others were discussing the new emote they made and what they are called. After Adew adds the emote to chat he misspells the discord code by leaving out the second colon. Leaving us with the immaculate conception of the word “Pepega”.

The emote was first add to twitch through FrankerFacez Emote Extension where it slowly gained popularity. On September 13th, 2018, only a few months after it’s creation, it was added to the emote collection of Forsen. At first, his chat did not like the addition of Pepega leading to the widespread spamming of the emote in his chat as well as many others. Many calling the addition of the emote “the r-word” led to the emote conveying that same emotion.

As its popularity grew many different iterations of the emote have come and passed, some being popular and some flopping. One of the iterations still used today is the distorted Pepe with horns added with the words “FOR SAN”.


Your favorite streamer fumbles over their words while trying to explain something, or makes a huge mistake in-game? Pepega.

Pepega Transparent PNG

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