Kreygasm Meaning

Kreygasm (prounounced Kray-gazum) is a Twitch emote that features a picture of the popular streamer Kreyg moaning. Its widespread use across Twitch is used to signify something pleasureful or satisfying that the streamer did.

Kreygasm Origin

Much like other emotes, Kreygasm originated much earlier than its implementation onto Twitch. Kreyg was approached by a member of the staff inquiring if he would like to be made into a global chat emote. A few months late the official name “Kreygasm” was coined during one of his live streams. The famed photo was taken on September 3rd, 2011, and submitted to Twitch to become an emote.

It didn’t see much use outside of Kreygs channel until July 10th, 2013. This was when a Facebook page was made titled “Kreygasm” and various memes about the emote were being posted. In August of that same year, an ASCII art version of the emote was uploaded to the Facebook group. This then got highlighted by the Twitch ASCII art blog later that year sparking the beginning of its widespread.

Furthering its popularity, popular YouTuber and esports player Tomasla uploaded a YouTube video with the Kreygasm emote photoshopped over his face. In the video, Tomasla moans after making a clutch play in DOTA 2. This solidified the pleasure and satisfaction meanings behind the emote.


Your favorite streamer is watching a YouTube video and an attractive female shows up on screen; Kreygasm.

Kreygasm Transparent PNG

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