Jebaited Meaning

Jebaited is a Twitch emote of CEO (Community Effort Orlando) founder Alex Jebailey, smiling and looking off to the top left of the image. This is always used to convey someone getting “baited” or tricked by something funny.

Jebaited Origin

The origin of the image is a video of Jebailey being recorded watching one of the matches on the big screen at CEO 2016. This is the reason why he is looking up to the left in the original source video.

The emote was then added to the lineup of default Twitch emotes by Twitch themselves in September 2016. This is partly due to Jebailey being such a prevalent person amongst the gaming community.

It didn’t take long for the emote to gain attention, and pretty soon everyone was using it. Both Twitch users and content creators unanimously started using it right off the bat much similar to other default emotes that are added by Twitch themselves.

On October 16th, 2016 Youtuber AdmiralBulldog, an extremely popular DOTA 2 player, put it on one of his video thumbnails. Only one week after that it was posted to the subreddit /r/OutOfTheLoop by prowess. This post gained popularity and filled in anyone that did not understand the meaning of the emote.


You’re watching your favorite streamer and a viewer donates, “who’s that person behind you?” (when there’s no one behind them) – as the donation gets read out loud through TTS, the streamer looks behind them …Jebaited.

Jebaited Transparent PNG

Jebaited Song and Music Video

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard/watched this yet:

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