COPIUM Meaning

The Copium Twitch emote (pronounced koh-pee-um) is a fictional word, composed of the words “cope” and “opium”. Urban Dictionary describes the word as “A metaphorical opiate inhaled when faced with loss, failure or defeat, especially in sports, politics and other tribal settings.”

The emote itself usually depicts Pepe the Frog, with his eyes closed, wearing a breathing mask hooked up to a tank with “COPIUM” written on it. Additionally, a lot of Twitch streamers have their versions of the emote, usually depicted by their own faces breathing the “Copium”. The emote is used to describe a situation where someone copes with failure by using outlandish explanations and/or reasons.

Copium Pronunciation:

Copium Origin

The earliest usage of the word “copium” is believed to be by the rapper Keak da Sneak, who released a soundtrack album in 2005, titled “Copium”. The image of Pepe the Frog huffing “copium” was posted on 4chan in the right-wing board /pol/ by an anonymous user in 2019. This is allegedly the first appearance of the meme.

Supposedly, the emote first appeared on Twitch on September 18th, 2020 as a BetterTTV emote, submitted by user t0asteds0up_. The emote’s page on BetterTTV reports it being used on 2,070 different channels. User Guzu submitted the emote to FrankerFaceZ around January 2021. The emote’s page on FrankerFaceZ reports Copium being used in 6,819 sets.

Copium Emote Popularity

It’s difficult to pinpoint how and when the emote started gaining popularity on Twitch, but the image of Copium-huffing-Pepe has been used as a reaction image (usually with political context) by numerous 4chan and Reddit users. Although the meme first appeared on the right-leaning side of the Internet, since then it has garnered usage among people all over the political spectrum.


When the Twitch streamer or someone in chat concocts a reason/explanation to cover up or justify failure – an otherwise disadvantageous situation, the COPIUM emote is used to imply that the person is huffing the metaphorical drug to help cope with the said situation.

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