COGGERS is an animated variation of popular emote POGGERS. It features Pepe the Frog’s surprised face spinning on a cog wheel. Nowadays it’s used when something is shown to be spinning on stream. But another one of its meanings, similar to POGGERS, is to express excitement, surprise or shock.


The origin of this emote starts off back in 2017 with POGGERS, which is an image of Pepe the Frog looking wide-eyed and excited.

After the popularity of POGGERS, variations of the emote started popping up and COGGERS was born. Inspiration for this emote came from a mix of similar sounding words “poggers” and “cog”.

COGGERS was then added to BTTV by user underflowR in March 2018. Since many people already knew what POGGERS meant, COGGERS started to grow in popularity. It’s now enabled in over 22,000 Twitch channels and has also become one of the Top 100 emotes used on Twitch.

When COGGERS first started spreading, it was used interchangeably with POGGERS. These days, it’s usually used when something on stream is seen spinning.


The car a streamer is driving in GTA gets hit and starts flipping, chat is guaranteed to start spamming COGGERS.


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