BOOBA Meaning

BOOBA is an animated emote of Pepe the Frog wearing a tuxedo with his eyes bulging out of his head. This emote is used when something sexy or attractive is on seen on stream. And of course it’s main use, when boobs show up. AWOOGA!

BOOBA Origin

The term booba first showed up on 4chan in 2020 in a thread about Elizabeth Olsen. It’s assumed that the poster accidentally misspelled “boobs”, and instead put booba.

In a different 4chan post in September 2020, booba was paired with the Pepe image when talking about a photo of a Twitch streamer. The post was screenshotted and put on Twitter by user @MasacoAtomico, where it got over 65,000 likes.

From there it spread to other platforms and became a top way to react to images of boobs. It was added to BTTV on November 9, 2020 by user EduardoGATOO.



1. You’re watching Amouranth and she comes out wearing a new bikini. BOOBA.

2. You’re watching some good ol’ fashion YouTube react content and an attractive female shows up in the video? BOOBA.


Emote Type