BatChest Meaning

BatChest is a global Twitch emote of former Twitch admin Curtis Scott wearing light up glasses and making a surprised “soy” face with his mouth open. The emote is usually used to express mock excitement or sarcasm.

BatChest Origin

It’s unknown when BatChest first became a Twitch emote, but it seems to have begun gaining popularity mid-2021 in Twitch streamer Forsen’s community.

It started getting spammed in a few places, such as during E3’s Guardians of the Galaxy trailer reveal.

The emote continued to spread and was seeing upwards of 150,000 uses per day, and even peaked at 6.1 million uses on August 24, 2021.

BatChest is usually spammed in connection with sarcastic statements, as well as mocking nerdy things such as Marvel, Star Wars or Anime.


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game trailer is being shown on screen, and people start spamming BatChest to show their mock excitement. BatChest WOWZERS BatChest AMAZING BatChest SO COOL

BatChest Transparent PNG

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