4Head Meaning

4Head is a Twitch emote of League of Legends streamer Cadberry smiling. It is mostly used to react to a cheesy and/or ironic joke or statement the streamer makes.

4Head Origin

The origin of the emote is still unknown but it is said by multiple sources that it is a screenshot of an image from one of Cadberry’s streams sometime in 2015.

Not really gaining any traction, it was uploaded the next year to FrankerFacez on September 25th, 2016.

Once uploaded to FrankerFacez it was an immediate hit and took off in popularity in multiple communities.

The emote became one of Twitch’s most popular due to the simplicity of it and the number of times it is used.

To show how popular it is news sources such as Polygon, AsidCast and the Daily Dot covered it. Considering their normal content, this emote got so popular that it’s even said verbally by many people on a daily basis.


When someone in chat asks the streamer, “how do I get better at Valorant?”, and the streamer replies with, “just click their heads man, it’s easy”. That’s a hard 4Head.

4Head Transparent PNG

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